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A Thrilling Ghost Tour at Melbourne’s Point Cook Homestead!

Melbourne, get ready for the spine-chilling Point Cook Homestead Ghost Tour, being organized on various Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30 in the evening until 10:30 at night.

Be prepared for a fun and adventurous journey in which you may also encounter fear. This spooky tour happens at an infamous old house, named the Point Cook Homestead where a family named Chrinside resided.

The tour transports you completely to an eerie world and therefore makes it a mandatory tour for all the ghost hunters out there.

The property is infamous for uncanny and mysterious spottings; so keep your eyes open for unusual sightings. Make sure to get your tickets soon so you don’t miss out.

About Point Cook Homestead in Melbourne

Get ready for an exciting and scary adventure at the isolated country track, Point Cook Homestead in Melbourne. This adventurous event happens at a very old house called the Point Cook Homestead. 

The 19th-century Point Cook Homestead is roughly half an hour’s ride from downtown Melbourne.

Point Cook Homestead in Melbourne.
Source Fever

The house was built in the year 1850s where the troubled family, Chrinside lived. The house is surrounded by massive trees, a beach, and big farmland, and the moonlight ambiance makes the atmosphere creepy.

Get set for a mysterious and supernatural tour where you will hear interesting stories about the house’s notorious past, filled with eerie and strange happenings.

Dive into the tales and mysteries of the Point Cook Homestead where history and paranormal stories merge together, making the experience all the more special and chilling.

Explore the dark nooks and corners of the vast 25-acre heritage property and have a sight of the old stables that were once home to the winners of the Melbourne Cup.

Do not forget to discover the private beach of the property where many restless souls still live.

The tour is all about hearing ghost tales, and the betrayals and family scandals that happened at the Point Cook Homestead, leaving their mark on the spooky property.

Additional Information

This exciting event is for people who are 12 years old and above 12 years. If you are younger it is better to come with an adult or parents. 

Arrive a bit early at the destination so that everything goes smoothly, wear comfortable clothes, and bring a light jacket or shawl, in case it gets chilly in the night. 

LANTERN GHOST TOURS   Point Cook Homestead Ghost Tour


You can buy the tickets for the Point Cook Homestead Ghost Tour from Fever or you can also grab your tickets from their FeverUp app.

The price for an Adult ticket for the Homestead ghost tour on Fever is $41.00

Make sure to get your tickets soon from Fever.com, so you can be part of this thrilling adventure and have a night filled with spooky experiences.

Are You Ready to Embark on the Mysterious Homestead Ghost Tour at Point Cook in Melbourne?

  • What: The Thrilling Point Cook Homestead Ghost Tour from Downtown Melbourne.
  • When: Various Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Where: Point Cook Homestead Melbourne, located at 3 Foxwood Drive, 1st Point Cook Scout Hall 1.
  • Timings: 8:30 p.m.- 10:30 p.m
  • Tickets: Available on Fever.


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