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A Self-Guided Queer History Audio Tour Awaits in Adelaide!

Be part of Adelaide’s Queer History: A Self-Guided Audio Tour at your own pace, organized on various dates, and accessible throughout the day.

Meet with your tour mates at The Adelaide University FootbridgeKarrawirra Parri in North AdelaideAustralia, and start your journey to explore the rich history of Adelaide’s queer community from here.

Inside the Queer History of Adelaide

A journey of celebration and discovery, this queer history tour uncovers the untold and vibrant stories of the queer community of Adelaide. This is a self-paced walking tour, which means you have control over the experience and you can always stop along the way.

Discover the iconic queer attractions and learn the stories of pride and resilience that shaped Adelaide.

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Adelaide’s queer and LTBTQ community where you explore why a pair of polyester blend pink short shorts occupies a privileged spot in Adelaide’s heart.

This is your chance to discover the city of Adelaide from a different perspective, reliving the tour whenever you like.

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Source: FeverUp

Additional Information

Grab the opportunity to explore the great queer history of Adelaide’s rich and varied famous sights with Adelaide’s Queer History: A Self-Guided Audio Tour, which is organized on multiple dates.

The tour is accessible for an entire day which makes it convenient for the visitors to be part of the audio tour at any time of the day.

The meeting point for the tour is The Adelaide University Footbridge in North Adelaide, where all the visitors are asked to gather and you will depart from here. Further, the tour will end at Compton StreetCompton St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia.

Though the tour is available throughout the day, the specified duration for the tour is 60-90 minutes, and unfortunately, the tour is not wheelchair accessible.

Where to Buy Tickets?

To traverse the historic queer sights of Adelaide at your convenience and know the rich queer history of Adelaide, buy your tickets on Fever. and reserve your slots on your desired date, which you can select from the ticket selector.

Grab your general admission ticket for this English audio tour around Adelaide for just $11.50.

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Image by Sabrina_Groeschke from Pixabay

Participate in the Self-Guided Audio Queer History Tour of Adelaide

    • What: Adelaide’s Queer History: A Self-Guided Audio Tour.
    • When: Numerous tour dates are available.
    • Where: The departure point of the tour is The Adelaide University Footbridge, settled at North Adelaide’s Karrawirra Parri, Australia.
    • Time: THe tour is available 24 hours.
    • Tickets: Available on Fever.

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  1. This self-guided queer history audio tour sounds like an absolute blast! The idea of exploring the vibrant stories of Adelaide’s queer community at my own pace is super exciting. Kudos to the organizers for offering such a unique and inclusive experience.

  2. I appreciate the clear instructions that you have provided and your guidance to your readers about the booking process. I hope to be the next to enjoy the fun and explore the fascinating history and culture of Adelaide’s queer community. Thank you for simplifying the process for me.


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