7 Amazing Reasons To Explore Azerbaijan

What can be better than visiting a place which is travel-friendly, cheap, and surrounded by friendly locals? Yes, here we are talking about the land of fire—Azerbaijan.

From some mysterious and historical palaces to the world-famous mud volcanoes or traditional tea culture—this place is nothing but a hidden gem for the Hodophiles.

Moreover, the introduction of e-Visa also makes the spot one of the most popular tourist attractions. So, let’s check out the top 7 reasons why you should plan your trip to Azerbaijan this year.

1. It is affordable


After dropping oil prices, Azerbaijan is one of the most affordable places to visit. In 2015, the value of Manat dropped to 50% of its value. Thanks to skyrocketing Economy and oil boom.


So, visiting Azerbaijan is not only exciting but budget-friendly also. With the daily cost of nearly $60, including food, drinks, accommodation, and admission fees—this place is really cheap to visit with your family. And for the backpackers, the budget is around $30 to $40 per day.

2. Introducing eVisa

Nowadays, traveling to Azerbaijan is easier, faster, and inexpensive. And the reason? The introduction of e-Visa for travelers. It is an easy process that can be done online without visiting the Azerbaijan embassy or consulate.

For tourists of 100 nationalities, including Australia, the Azeibanjan tourist e-Visa is simple to apply, which costs approximately $20 and an extra $3 for the service charge. And it takes around three business days for processing.

3. Exploring the Mud Volcanoes


350 out of 800 mud or sedimentary volcanoes in the world are present in Azerbaijan. Every year thousands of tourists visit the land to experience these volcanic eruptions accompanied by explosions that come out of the deep layer of the earth. Sometimes the flames during the eructation can reach up to 1000 meters (Garasu Volcano).


An interesting fact regarding this mud volcano is that NASA Geologists found similarities between the structure of the mud with the highlands of Mars. Moreover, 23 volcanoes in this country have been preserved as National Park now.


4. A country of eastern and western architecture


All the architecture lovers, the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku—is a divine mix of elements of medieval and traditional Islamic man-made wonders that you will find nowhere else.


The Walled City of Baku is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is famous for having the city’s some of the oldest and most historic buildings. You will find the enigmatic Maiden Tower. It is a 12th-century monument known as the key symbol of Baku.


Not to mention the nearby Palace of Shirvanshahs—a masterpiece of the 15th century that will take you back to the old culture. And if you want to get mesmerized by some modern architecture, don’t forget to visit The Flame Towers.

5. The land of fire


Azer means fire. And this country holds some significance for worshipping fire by locals and building temples around the sacred flames arising from subterranean gases for decades. The burning flames and gases are the divine secrets that capture the attention of tourists from every corner of the world.


The Zoroastrian temple of flame – Ateshgah is one most ancient ones located in the Baku suburbs, built by Indian fire-worshippers in the 17 to 18th centuries. The Flame Tower, built in 2012—is a symbol of showing respect for old history and culture in recent times.

6. Visiting the wonderful mountain villages


Quba is a beautiful and peaceful country town recognized for carpet making and an excellent getaway to some wonderful villages of Azerbaijan. They are settled on the foothills of the Great Caucasus.


With some river valleys and canyons, these remote villages not offer some mesmerizing views but also represent the cultural insights of this country.

7. The incredible tea culture and friendly locals

There is a deep connection between the Azerbaijanis and Tea. Known as Chay, the tea custom reflects hospitality and friendliness by the locals. Azerbaijanis speak in English and are ready to help visitors all the time.


Azerbaijanis serve their guests spiced black tea. Traditionally, they never add sugar directly into the tea. Instead, they dip the sugar and take a bite before sipping.


This tradition has some medieval roots. Rulers who were afraid of getting killed used to dip sugar in the tea that was supposed to react if poisoned.

Wrapping Up

From the world-famous mud volcanos and architecture to the fascinating remote villages—Azerbaijan is a fantastic place to explore with your friends and family. Moreover, the offering of e-Visa is also incredible. So, pack your bag and plan a trip to this land of fire.

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