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35 Amazing Things to Do in Kiama

A small part of the country Australia, Kiama is surrounded by the waves that constantly lash its boundaries. This seaside town falls in the south of Sydney, along the Grand Pacific Drive is an ideal location for holidays with numerous tourist spots including breathtaking coast, falls, and forests.

Things to do in Kiama
By Rk kleung/ Pixabay @All Rights Reserved

Kiama visitors can never be out of options in Kiama, there are several soothing things to do in Kiama, and many fun activities to perform like basking in the sun, whale watching, strolling in the Kiama coast walk curves, exploring the Minnamurra rainforest center, soaking in the spectacle of Blowhole point rock pool and rolling green hills.

Amazing Things to Do in Kiama

1) Spectacular Kiama Blowhole

As the above title, ‘ Kiama, where the Sea Makes Noise’ suggests, the meaning of the word ‘Kiama’ has been drawn as the place “where the sea makes noise.” This is a reference to the famous Blowhole and the little blowhole point.

Kiama is most famous for the Kiama Blowholes points where the sea water spirits up to create a dazzling spectacle. Kiama Lighthouse is the cherry on top.

One of the most famous things to do in Kiama is watch the Kiama Blowhole. It is truly an extraordinary spectacle that attracts 900,000 tourists every year. Under certain sea conditions, the seawater somehow sprouts and sprays the water up in the air up to 82 feet.

The famous Blowhole is like a natural fountain that shoots water to exceptional heights. Discovered by George Bass in 1797, is the largest Blowhole in the world. However, the Kiama Blowhole has taken a few lives in the past.

2) Kiama’s Serene Lighthouse

Things to do in Kiama
By Ollie Cool/ Pixabay. @ All Rights Reserved

Watching the Lighthouse is one of the most cinematic things in Kiama. Its structure is very gigantic and movie-like. You can add this to your list of things to do in Kiama.

Located near the Blowhole point, Kiama Lighthouse has a great vantage point. Again a nice place to view the birds, and hear them chirp as the water splashes in and out.

At your convenience, there are plenty of areas to park the vehicles. Kiama Lighthouse was established in 1887, this gigantic white Lighthouse will glow your experience even more.

3) Kiama Harbour

Things to do in Kiama
By Rkkleung /Pixabay. @All Rights Reserved

Built as a structure to safeguard the growing water trade, Kiama Harbour at present offers cabins to stay. For all the fishers out there, Kiama Harbour can be a good spot.

As Kiama Harbour is near the bis of the Kiama Blowhole and the lighthouse, the stays in these cabins can be worth the price. 

If you want soothing things to do in Kiama, then walking in nature can be the right choice for you. Following are all those places where you can 

4) Little Blowhole Reserve “Endeavour Lookout”

Yes, the Big Kiama Blowhole is the most famous in the entire world. But there is another little blowhole point. It is situated between Kendalls Beach and Easts Beach.

Although it does not spray up to the height of the other Blowhole, still it gives magnificent scenery. Little Blowhole is less crowded and you can peacefully enjoy the water outburst. 

5) Saddleback Mountain Lookout

Nature is truly at its peak here as the elevated platform on Saddleback mountain allows the visitors to see scenery out of the book. It seems that nature has curated its trees and stones for the spectators.

To your convenience, this natural spot is also near the Kiama Blowhole, at a walking distance of just 10 minutes. After the Kiama Blowhole, visiting this mountain is the next famous thing to do in Kiama. 

From the Saddleback Mountain Lookout, the visitors peacefully soak in the panoramic view of Cronulla in the north to Milton in the South. Many visitors miss out on the southern elevated platform which offers equally breathtaking scenes.

6) Cathedral Rocks

Things to do in Kiama
By Annca/Pixabay. @All Rights Reserved

Cathedral Rocks is not a simple set of rocks that give a dynamic view to the tourists, but humongous earthly-colored rocks standing strong to make you awestruck. It can be one of the most soothing and breathtaking things to do in Kiama. 

On the south of Jones Beach, this unique formation of volcanic rocks blends solidity of concreteness with the smoothness of its curves and edges. Cathedral Rocks consist of two giant structures of rocks facing each other, a few meters apart.

Their feet are constantly pampered by the sea waves, notoriously touching them as the tide functions.

You can enter the cozy sea cave and enjoy the great spectacle of the Cathedral Rocks from the heavenly spot. Many photographers venture their way to Kiama to capture these Rocks. It can be one of the most soothing and breathtaking things to do in Kiama.

7) Head to Whale Watching Platforms

Things to do in Kiama
By Aline Dassel/Pixabay. @All Rights Reserved

Whale watching can turn out to be one of the most movie-like things to do in Kiama. There is an elevated platform at the Minnamurra Headland popular for whale-watching activities.

Mostly Humpback whales are seen migrating away from Antarctica to mate and birth. To a certain level of disappointment, this whale-watching season lasts only for a few months.

They appear from late May to July when the whales swim toward the north and again from September to November heading back to their homes. Whale watching is a must among the things to do in Kiama. 

If you are lucky mate, the mystic marine creature can also be spotted while traveling on the train. The Kiama rail tracks pass by the side of the coast creating a chance to get your eyes on these migrating whales. Carry your binoculars for a better whale-watching experience.

8) Boneyard Beach

A rocky landscape with the coast not offering much to swim rather than sit by for a few hours to relish the sound of the silence. Kiama’s main beach, Boneyard Beach is decorated with pebbles and surfers playing with waves on the right side of the reef break.

Located on the northern part of the Bombo Peninsula the beach falls part of both Boneyard and Cathedral Rocks. It is a low-key picnic spot also known for snorkeling activities.

9) Bombo Headland Quarry

These are disturbingly gorgeous rocks that take you to another realm. Previously identified as a quarry, Bombo Quarry Headland has transformed itself into a fascinating tourist spot. Like Cathedral Rocks, Bombo Headland will leave you astonished at its beauty.

From spectating a lighthouse to watching a hundred dolphins riding the water, the view of the bay accompanies you all at once at Bombo Headland. It offers the tourist a spectacular and thrilling view to remember throughout their life.

10) Bonaire Native Gardens

If you are fascinated by long walks under the dense shade of trees, then you must not miss Bonaire Native Gardens. Bonaire Native Gardens is a dense forest with fascinating varieties of flora.

One can entirely immerse their soul in the greenery of Bonaire Native Gardens. It is well-known for its exceptional oasis. Approximately, a 30-minute walk is sufficient to cover this garden.

11) Seven-Miles Beach

Seven Mile Beach Kiama Towards NSW’s south coast, the seven-mile beach has along the coastal line. The seven-mile beach mile appears like an elaborately lengthy chain along the neck of the water.   

Very well-maintained, the seven-mile beach gives you numerous options to sense the water. Don’t miss out on the seven-mile beach!

12) Walks in Kiama (The Shade of Nature)

Australia and Nature go hand in hand. It is nicknamed the ‘Lucky Country’ by Donald Horne, emphasizing the incessant natural resources the country breeds in its womb. In this light, the Kiama region is the reflection of nature itself.

If you want soothing things to do in Kiama, then walking in nature can be the right choice for you. Following are all those places where you can take in nature at its peak.

Imagine walking peacefully on a beach with water waves ebbing in and out on one side and trees shading on the other. This peaceful scenery is the daily life of the natives.

When you visit this exotic town, a little stamina to walk a few miles on the Kiama coastal trail could help you make memories like never before. Add this as well in your things to do in Kiama. 

13) Hoddle Tracks

Facing west from the Saddleback Mountain Lookout, the green-flushed Hoddle Tracks lead to another mountain, Mout Noorin. Back in the nineteenth century, these tracks were used as the mode of transportation to move the produced goods for shipping.

A peaceful picnic spot, Hoddles Track is famous for its soothing ventilation as the wind swirls in through the gaps between the dense branches and the leaves. Bird watching is one of the well-known activities here.

14) Budderoo National Park

At Minnamurra Rainforest center Budderoo National Park breathes Here you can enjoy a walk by the falls, and breathe in the fresh air of the minnamurra rainforest. In the national park be careful of the steep and slippery sections.

With nature at its peak, the Budderoo national park is a fun park that opens the painting with a view of falls, canyons, rare butterflies, birds, and other animals. In the national park be careful of the steep and slippery sections.

15) Nellies Glen Picnic Area

Nellies Glen is an ideal picnic spot with the light sound of the falls clearing your ears, eucalyptus trees shading your head, and the vibrant color of all the fungi and orchids pleasing your eyes. For all the nature explorers and photographers, this place could pour out nature in beautiful form.

16) The Kiama Coastal Walk Curves

Things to do in Kiama
By Jason Johnson/Pixabay. @All Rights Reserved

Among the many things to do in Kiama, Kiama coastal walks are the best. The soaring waves revive the Kiama coast walk. Spring creek wetlands walk and treetop walk are no less.

King of all these walks is the 22 km long Kiama coastal walk from the Minnamurra River in the north and Gerringong in the south. Many can be tired by hearing the distance. If that’s the case, you can stick to the coastal line near the famous Kiama Blowhole and Love Bay.

However, for those who won’t compromise on these wanderlust feelings, this long Kiama coast walk can turn into an exotic, dramatic, and exceptional experience of life.

17) Werri, Kendalls, and Black Reserve Beaches

No, it’s not a beach, Werri beach is a cozy town situated in the Illawarra toward the south of Kiama as well as north of Gerringong in a new destination.

If you are planning on the Illawarra fly zipline tour, don’t leave it out on Werri beach. Werri beach can be a change in your strolling expedition as it will have a different or the Kiama coast walk.

Black Reserve Beach Kiama attracts numerous Kiama visitors every year. The black basalt sand and cobbles borderline the black beach reserve, hence the name of the beach. As it hosts some of the significant events of the town, black beach reserve stands as one of Kiama’s main beaches.

Lying on the end of the south coast, Easts beach is no less than a paradise. A short walk from the Bonaire Native Gardens, try not to miss out on this beach in things to do in Kiama and make the most of the trip.

18) Revisit Time with the Kiama Historical Walk

In the Kiama Visitors Centre, located near the Kiama harbor a self-guide to walk through the rich history of Kiama. Paddle your way through the Kiama town center and get a peak into Kiama’s rich heritage. Visiting the Kiama family history center can be the icing on the cake.

19) Watch the Sunrise at Bombo Quarry Headland

A prime location to see the most enigmatic sunrise of your life is Bombo Quarry Headland. You can even walk on the coastal trails of the Cathedral Rocks and enjoy a relatively gloomy sunset.

20) Swim at Stunning Surf Beach

Besides Kiama coastal walk, the shores propose a lot to swimmers and surfers. This can be one of the most adventurous things to do in Kiama.

Kiama surf beach is quite clean and peaceful. This activity is one of the most sporty things to do in Kiama. A short walk from the Kiama Blowhole can transport you to this surf beach. Eating and accommodation facilities around the Kiama surf beach are top-notch.

With strong rips, Bombo beach Kiama is another good option for surfers. However, the sandbars that assist the surfers can be dangerous for the swimmers. The Werri beach is also a popular option to swim and surf beach.

Jones Beach in Kiama lies between Minnamurra Headland and the basalt columns of Cathedral Rocks. This beach is quite well-known as Kiama Downs surf spot.

21) Terra Art Gallery 

The gallery is filled with the world of South Coast artists and their artistic styles. From the most unusual art to the most significant ones, you can find a vast variety of artwork. 

If you want the witness the creative works of the native artists of Kiama, visiting Terra Art Gallery is a must. 

22) Pilots Cottage Museum

A cottage that is not simply a cottage but an informative museum for all the tourists in the town. Inside the cottage, a tiny museum will pour out to you all the past lifestyle of this town. It is open from 11. am to 3. pm,  though it remains closed on Tuesdays. 

23) St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church

The church of every town speaks a different story. St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church is not a big lavish church but its giant roof gives it a unique look. 

Located in Manning street you can visit the church around this time, Tuesday – 5.00 pm, Wednesday 8.00 am, Thursday 8.00 am, Friday-  9.30 am, Saturday – 6.00 pm, Sunday – 8.00 am and 5.00 pm. 

24) Explore the Minnamurra Rainforest and see Minnamurra Falls, Kiama

Things to do in Kiama
By Split Shire /Pixabay. @All Rights Reserved

As you want from the Minnamurra Rainforest centering the Budderoo National park, the beautiful Minnamurra Falls awaits you at the end of the walk. The natural luxury of the two tired falls can be justified only when visited.

There lies immeasurable depth in the Minnamurra Rainforest, and the Minnamurra falls. Entirely nature indulged things to do in Kiama. 

25) Stroll Around Kiama Street Art

Kiama’s main streets are saturated with several paintings and artwork. Do not saturate your tour with solely traveling along the coastal line, step inside the city and perceive the architecture as well.

Throughout the local government area of the town, the walls are prettily lined with artistic creations. Areas such as CBD, Gerringong, Werri Beach, Minnamurra, and Jones Beach are places you can easily visit to view these art gallery-like streets. 

26) Visit Kiama Seaside Market

Things to do in Kiama
By Public Domain Pictures/Pixabay. @All Rights Reserved

A trip is incomplete without shopping for authentic and memorable pieces from the market. Kiama seaside markets are packed with local arts and crafts. Visit Kiama seaside markets and taste the special street food.

27) Recreational Club

Kiama township was officially set in 1839. The municipality of Kiama functions at a local government level located in Illawarra, near New South Wales (NSW South coast).

Kiama recreation club is a leisure center controlled by the Kiama municipal council. Bring a small town, the local and small businesses form the living of the residents.

28) Jamberoo Action Park

Tie up your shoelaces and get in your sportswear to have fun in the Jamberoo Action Park. Jamberoo Action Park is a water-theme-based park that can turn into a thrilling experience especially when you are traveling with kids.

Children can easily be bored with spectacles and are always on a watch to get into fun activities. Jamberoo Action Park can be a package of all the adventure activities your children are wishing for on this trip. 

29) On the Way to Saddleback Mountain Lookout

Saddleback Mountain is a complete package of dramatic views and nature swirling around in its earthy-colored gown. As you drive towards Saddleback Mountain the road itself will offer you a plethora of socially worthy spectacles.

Intricate trees with delicate natural elements, the cows and the cabbages, all come together to furnish tranquility to its visitors.

30) Historic Dry Stone Wall

Next comes the historic Dry Stone Wall that owes its name to its builder, Thomas Newing. He engrossed 60 years of his life in structuring this long-lasting wall made of 400 dry stones. Although the construction occurred a hundred years ago, they still stand strong.

31) Birdwatching  

Following this is the Hoddle Tracks that are vividly described in the next section. As you park the car, you can venture in the south to peak in for some of the rarest flying birds.

Crimson Rosellas, Eastern Bristle Birds, and the Golden Whistler are some of the flying creatures that are seen on these tracks.

32) Ocean Pools

“Ocean pools”, doesn’t it sound interesting? If you have never heard of this before, ocean pools are public seawater pools built right beside the ocean.

They are filled with the sea waves themselves as they hit them when the tides are high. Planted on the edge of the ocean, the ocean pool falls on the right side of the popular Kiama Blowhole.

The latter makes this ocean pool a great viewpoint to enjoy the water-sprout spectacle as you rest your body in the dip. The natural rock floor will make your experience even more realistic.

Moreover, the irregular shape of the ocean pool makes it suitable for people of all age groups. You can enjoy your time here with both friends and family.

33) Discover Kiama’s Art Trail

If you are visiting Kiama in the first week of any month, you are in luck to discover Kiama’s art trail. Here, the local artists exhibit their art in Kiama. 

Kiama’s Art Trail permits visitors to unravel the art studios of some award-winning artists. Don’t miss out on Kiama ceramic art studio and get yourself some of those authentic art pieces. 

34) Wander the Old Streets of Berry

Located on the NSW South coast, the old streets of Berry can awaken the wanderlust inside you. The historic terrace houses will make you jump back into history. Kiama town center can furnish you with necessary self-guide information. 

35) Plan your Trip to Kiama

Kiama is truly a coastal paradise with its rocky headland and Bombo beach. It is an amazement that a small seaside town like Kiama offers such a variety of diverse coastal curvatures and unique formations.

Do not hesitate and plan this breathtaking venture to this beautiful town on the Australian coast. From the shooting of the Blowhole to the serene painting-like views of the forests and the coasts, from the tranquility of the beaches to the adventures of heights and rocks, Kiama has it all.

The lush rolling hills, national park, lagoon, and freshwater lake, makes Kiama an earthy paradise, there is a great variety of things to do in Kiama.

This holiday season, plan a vacation to this naturally luxurious town, be it with your friends, and family, or on a solo trip, the town will not disappoint you. 



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