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30 Fantastic Things to Do in Yamba – Ultimate Guide

Yamba NSW is a full package, offering a lot for visitors to unravel. There are many diverse things to do in Yamba. Yamba is a 169-year-old town in northern NSW, situated at the mouth of the mighty Clarence River.

From the sublime ocean pool to such a variety of beaches, from the magnificent Clarence coast to the historic Yamba hill walk and historic Yamba flat walk, there lies a wide spectrum of diversity in the curvature of Yamba.

The word, Yamba refers to a passionate heart’s desire, and the town of Yamba will truly fill all our heart’s desires. Its natural beauty, calmness, and serene tourist spots.

Like Kiama, Yamba is a small coastal town, and its economy is based on tourism and fishing boats. Although the town’s population is within 10,000, during festivals and holiday seasons, the population is doubled or tripled.

Ultimate Guide of Things to Do in Yamba NSW | Travel Australia | Australia Your Way

things to do in yamba
Image Source: Depositphotos

1) Explore the Clarence River

One of the most popular things to do in Kiama explores the Clarence River. The scenic clarence river is a great place to walk, hike, bird watch, and take in the pure beauty of nature.

Yamba breathes in the mouth of the clarence river. It holds a deeply rooted meaning in the history of the town and the Yages cherish its presence to this date.

This coastal river tells in northern New South Wales in Australia and flows north coast and out into the Pacific Ocean. There are many ways to explore this coastal treasure.

Scenic river cruises are the best way to explore the Clarence River. A ferry ride from Yamba to Iluka is an affordable alternative. Another thrilling way to explore the waters of Yamba is Kayaking down the river.

The Clarence Valley Council derives its name from the river. It strives to work toward the progress of the town. The Clarence valley council is a form of local government that looks after the public infrastructure and functioning of Yamba.

2) Pilot Hill

Pilot Hill is managed by the Clarence Council, it is a very grassy coastal headland that gifts the spectators exceptional 180-degree coastal views.

Things to do in Yamba
Captured from Clarence Valley Council 

It overlooks the Main beach as well as Turner’s Beach. Picnic tables are present in the area.

3) See Experts Surf at Pippi Beach

Summer is always a better season to visit Pippi Beach. When the days are hotter with the wind swirling around and a tidy little swell, the Pippi beach dresses into turquoise attire.

On days of low tides, you can behold the old shellfish. However, the number of these fish has considerably decreased since sand mining and excessive harvesting in the last century.

Things to do in Yamba
Captured from Clarence Valley Council 

Although the Yamba main beach itself has thinness out in recent years, Pippi beach reflects the traditional origin of Yamba and breathes within its core heart.

Pippi Beach is Yamba’s main beach that offers kids to have a pleasant time. The water is quite fresh for a swim. You cannot miss out on this beautiful wonder of nature.

4) Picnic Beneath the Yamba Lighthouse at Yamba Point

things to do in yamba
Image Source: Depositphotos

Yamba Lighthouse is one of those cinematic solid white lighthouses that leap you back in time. It is over a hundred years old and the entire surrounding Yamba lighthouse is breathtaking.

You watch see the whales or watch a full moon rise most serenely, Yamba Lighthouse has it all.

There are many stories regarding the origin and structure of the lighthouse, you must hear them when you visit yourself, to keep the mystery alive.

The Yamba lighthouse can be one of the most exhilarating things to do in Yamba. 

5) Visit Whiting Beach on Hickey Island

The whiting beach can be named the main beach in Yamba as the weekly market takes place here.

Whiting Beach is the most sheltered and can safeguard you from all the furious winds. This aspect makes Whiting Beach suitable for toddlers.

Things to do in Yamba
Captured from Clarence Valley Council 

However, this Yamba beach is not patrolled, and one must be cautious while going too deep in the water. Whiting Beach is very quiet, and you can hear the sound of the silence.

6) Try the Multi-Day Yuraygir Coastal Walk

Walking on the Yuraygir coast is no joke, the trail is as long as 65 kilometres with opportunities for whale watching and snorkelling. But for all those who want to walk and explore, try the multi-day Yuraygir Coastal Walk.

7) Visit Angourie Green and Blue Pools

Originally in the shape of a rock quarry, Angourie blue and green pools have grown into beautiful structures of nature. Beholding these pools will surely turn out to be one of the most nature-drooling things to do in Yamba. 

The Angourie Point makes the visitors more excited with the presence of the most exotic Yamba ocean pool near this area.

Things to do in Yamba
By Iillyana/ Pixabay @All Rights Reserved

The green and blue pools of the Angourie appear aquatic heaven-breathing on earth. One can get the feeling of melting in these green pools.

8) Picnic at Turners Beach

Among all the natural attractions in Yamba, the stunning beaches of this town tend to win the heart of tourists. Among the variety of things to do in Yamba, the caravan parks will offer the pleasure of natural beach campgrounds.

The perfect location of Turner’s beach between the South Break Wall makes it an ideal fishing ground. At the same time, it is turners beach is also at a very close distance to the Yamba lighthouse.

This adds up to its ideal location and makes Turner’s Beach a desirable Yamba main beach. Families come to this Yamba main beach and enjoy a picnic.

9) Car Drive

Need to hire a car for your road trip to Yamba?

If you want to green-tick all the things to do in Yamba, well book yourself a comfortable car and enjoy the most outstanding drive of your life. 

With one touch, you can acquire all the various options available for Car services in Yamba. Hertz Car Rental Yamba is a reliable option. Safeguard your road trip with this 4-stared car rental agency.

Their services are available both online and in-store. Hertz is a long network, with over 220 locations across Australia, including Yamba.

10) Visit the Yamba Historical Museum

The Yamba museum is engraved with stories of the origin of this beautiful coastal town. It displays the history of Yamba and the significance of the Clarence River to the locals.

One of the finest collections from the history of Yamba will make your trip a memorable one. The museum is powered and handled by the Port of Yamba Historical Society.

Things to do in Yamba
Captured from My Club Yamba

Visiting the Yamba Museum will be one of the most historical things to do in Yamba, especially if you wish to look back at the history of Yamba. 

10.1) Visiting Time of Yamba Historical Museum

The Yamba Museum is open for visitors at specific times. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, the museum is open from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. On weekends, the visiting duration is limited to 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

10.2) Entry Fees of the Yamba Museum

For adults, the admission charge is only $5, while for kids and the member,s entry is free of cost. If you have insufficient time to complete the entire tour, you can easily revisit the museum with a visitor’s pass. It allows revisiting without extra charges, but the pass is valid only for a week.

11) Walk Along the Yamba Break Wall

Yamba break wall is more than a simple tourist walk. It has great geological and historical significance in the Yamba culture. The stories of Aboriginal ancestors of the town form solid beliefs regarding the formation of the reef in the river.

Although the break wall has been victim to many storms, it stands strongly with adequate maintenance. Walking on this long road with blue water hitting the stones can be one of the most peaceful things to do in Yamba.

12) What is The Best Time to Visit Yamba?

Yamba has a reputation for its idyllic weather. Summer school holidays are a time when Yamba is flooded with natives as well as tourists.

Yamba is an amazing place to spend your summer vacations, especially for the kids who wait for these holidays for an entire year.

However, Summer is not the best time to visit this beautiful town. Its beauty is at its peak during Spring and Autumn. To be precise, from March through May and September through December.

If you wish to get the lodging facilities at affordable rates, visiting Yamba at those times when the crowd is less will be a smart choice. You must add this to your list of things to do in Yamba.

13) Yamba Farmers and Producers Market

Every week, on Wednesday, the Yamba farmers and producers set up a market at the Whiting Beach car park. This weekly market has 45 permanent stalls, and the location is quite close to Turners Beach and the mighty Clarence River.

Things to do in Yamba
Captured from Yamba- Farmers and Producers Market

These local produce fresh, organic, and unique items. Visiting this market can get you a real taste of the town and must be added to your list of things to do in Yamba.

14) Explore the Angourie Walking Track

It is another scenic walking track with nature designed it most beautifully. Angourie walking tracks are 10 km long and located in the Yuraygir National Park.

Angourie walking track is an element of the grand Yuraygir coastal walk. At the same time, you must not leave for Yuraygir National Park exploration. It is located on the east coast between Yamba and the north coast of Coffs Harbour.

15) Yamba Bowling Club

Yamba Bowling Club is a leisure club with several luxurious bars and other dining facilities. If you are travelling solo and wish to make an acquaintance, this place could be the one.

Things to do in Yamba
Captured from Yamba- Bowling Club 

16) Convent Beach

If you are looking for compact and peaceful things to do in Yamba Beach, Convent Beach could be an ideal choice. It doesn’t offer a lot of space, but it has a solitary feel. One longing to experience the call of the void could visit this Yamba beach.

Convent beach was originally named after an innovative businessman, McKittrick’s Beach. However, it was renamed as an acknowledgment to the convent that looked after the beach for 10 years in the 20th century.

Swimming on this Yamba beach won’t be a smart choice as it has a fair number of small rocks.

17) Family-Friendly Iluka Rainforest Walk

Iluka rainforest offers you one of the most peaceful walking trails with lush green trees surrounding you from all sides. It is a family-friendly track as it will only take an hour to complete this easy route. The birds chirping gently in the green blanket of the rainforest will add to your nature-flushed experience.

Among all the natural attractions in Yamba, the stunning beaches of this town tend to win the heart of tourists. Among the variety of things to do in Yamba, the caravan parks will offer the pleasure of natural beach campgrounds.

18) Yamba & Byron Bay

The best place to plan a drive from Yamba is to Byron Bay. It will only take around two hours to cover this drive of 127km distance. Bundjalung National Park will be a great place to visit on Byron Bay.

It is also said that Yamba is becoming the next Byron Bay.

19) Spooky Beach

The spooky beach has clear and pleasant water, you can dive in and relish the soft water touching your skin. The temperature of the water is neither too cold nor too hot The Southern side of Spooky beach will lead you to a little track. Around it lies the blue pools. These blue and green pools were initially quarries before groundwater filled them in.

20) Yamba River Markets

Yamba river markets are scheduled on every fourth Sunday of the month at Ford park. The edible items at these markets can give you a taste of Yamba culture as many natives set up stalls and sell delicacies.

21) Yamba Cinema

As we have seen, Yamba is a small town with few facilities like the big cities. However, it is transforming and growing with time. Yamba Cinema is one of those places where the natives find a city-like mode of entertainment.

Yamba Cinema is independently owned by a family and displays new movie realizes at affordable rates. Its location is 13 Coldstream Street, Yamba 2464, New South Wales.

22) Bluff Beach

Bluff Beach is the main beach of Iluka. It has a 360-degree cinematic view. Bluff Beach is family-friendly and a good option to relax or enjoy a picnic with mates.

23) Yamba Surf Club

Founded in the year 1908, is one of the oldest surf clubs in the world. The club has completed more than a hundred years of service and is continuing to do so.

24) Where to stay in Yamba- Pacific Hotel

Among the many things to do in Yamba, the stay is as integral as exploring. As the name suggests, the Pacific Hotel offers you an exceptional view of the Pacific Ocean.

Things to do in Yamba
Captured from Pacific Hotel Yamba

You can cut off the ongoing hectic world and deliver in this tranquil place of nature. Except for Christmas, the Pacific hotel is open all days of the year. It is only 200 yards from the Yamba lighthouse.

25) Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort

It is ideally located on the Clarence River in Yamba NSW, and offers a variety of accommodation options, from villas to family cabins to suit your needs.

It is only one and a half an hour’s drive from the south of Byron bay. Surrounded by greenery on all sides you can opt for this resort as a lodging place.

26) Places to Eat in Yamba- Nicolson Fine Foods Tasting Tour

Every Yamba beach has interesting cafes within thin walking distance. You can always discover new places. However, the following places should be added to the things to do in Yamba.

All these places will offer you once in a lifetime experience with the best flavours available in the town.

Things to do in Yamba
Captured from Nicolson Fine Foods

If you wish to have a full-fledged food tour, Nicholson Fine Food Tasting Tours. Here you can tour and taste simultaneously. This tasting tour will be a memorable one as they take the visitors to one of the most renowned Yamba restaurants.

It is a 60-minute tour where you get to taste some of the very authentic food available in Yamba. You can get more details from the official website.

27) The Picnic Farm

Want to visit the local farms of this town, the Picnic Farm is the right place for you. It is an overall package where you can relax in the cafe, get a calm picnic spot in a shady spot, or closely watch the serene farm full of sheep, ponies, turkeys, alpacas, chooks as well as peacocks.

Both the farm and cafe are open 6 days a week from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. They also offer amazing discounts for families. This can be one of the most flavorful things to do in Yamba. 

28) Yamba Poolside High Tea

It is not a simple place to get tea and some biscuits rather offers you fine dining with unique tea, special biscuits, and scones, ones you would have never tasted otherwise. The Angourie Resort’s Head Chef prepares the delicacies.

29) Grafton Jacaranda Festival

things to do in yamba
Image Source: Depositphotos

Visiting Yamba in Spring, don’t miss out on Grafton Jacaranda Festival. This fantastic festival takes place in Jacaranda Park, celebrating the numerous lilac-blossomed trees. This can be one of the most festive things to do in Yamba.

The festival is more than a celebration of nature, it has live music to soothe your ears, markets to feed yourself, and shops with a grandeur parade. Grafton Jacaranda Festival spans 10 days take and s place from 27th October to 5th November.

30) Yamba Golf Club

If you are into sports, especially golf, you must not leave out Yamba Golf Club. The Yamba Golf and Country Club keeps on organizing several festive and fun activities.

Plan Your Trip to Yamba, NSW

To all of you who are planning a trip to holiday destination NSW, Yamba NSW, a sleepy fishing town at the mouth of the Clarence River, is a must place to visit. The entire New Southern Wales is known for its naturally blessed coastal towns, and Yamba is one of them.

The beaches of Australia define its natural beauty and make it stand out. Yamba is no different; the Yamba beaches are the epitome of tranquillity and the main cause of the town’s attention.

Things to do in Yamba
By Wim Kantona/ Pixabay @All Rights Reserved

With the green and blue pools, the vast aboriginal history of the town, the magnificent Clarence river, and its deep significance, there are several extraordinary things to do in Yamba.

Calmly breathing in the northern New South Wales of Australia’s east coast, Yamba has the potential to make your coastal trip a memorable one. There is no doubt that Yamba is the perfect town to be your holiday destination.

Visit Yamba with your friends and family, or plan a solo exploration trip to the entire New South Wales. A breathtaking trip is awaiting you.


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