28 Fascinating Things to do in Bundaberg

Bundaberg is a city in Queensland, Australia. There are a lot of things to do in Bundaberg that you can enjoy. It is also known as the historic sugar cane city. Bundaberg is the tenth largest city in Australia that is famous for a lot of things and a great place for history lovers as you can see its botanical garden and sugar cane railway.

Along with the attraction site, one more thing that is very famous in Bundaberg is its food. The seafood along with Bundaberg rum here is awesome and anyone who loves seafood should try it at least once in Bundaberg. Bundaberg is a fun as well a calming place that is loved by a lot of people. Tourists love the place for its simplicity and new things.

The Top Things to do in Bundaberg

This beautiful city of Bundaberg has many gems that people enjoy. So here are the things that you can do in Bundaberg.

1. Spend a Day in Bundaberg Rum Distillery 

Going to the Bundaberg rum distillery is on the top of a tourist’s bucket list when visiting Bundaberg. This place is worth checking out even if you don’t drink. When you go inside the distillery, it is another level of experience. You can smell, touch and feel this amazing Bundaberg rum. This is one of the most famous things to do in Bundaberg.

Bundaberg rum is very famous all over Australia. The process of creating this famous rum has been going on for a very long time. It is a very surprising thing to know that the protection and ageing of this have been going in since the 70s.

2. Explore Bundaberg Botanic Gardens

Bundaberg botanic garden
Photo by Tatters on Flickr

The second on the list of things to do in Bundaberg is visiting Bundaberg botanic garden. They highlight beauty and calmness. It is home to more than 100 types of trees and shrubs. It is one of the most famous tourist attraction sites and is located in central Bundaberg. Along with a variety of trees and shrubs, there are a lot of rare fruits also. You can also enjoy the Chinese gardens as well as the Japanese garden here.

In Bundaberg botanic gardens, there are other attractions also like Hinkler Hall of Aviation and the Australian sugar cane railway. Some other activities that you can do in Bundaberg botanic garden with your family are feeding the turtles and eels, having a picnic with family, and many more.

3. Make a Visit to Mon Repos Turtle Encounter

Bundaberg is home to thousands of nesting turtle populations. October to March is defined as the turtle season when you get to sea turtles. The experience of seeing these thousands of newly hatched endangered marine turtles is phenomenal.

Mon Repos turtle centre is such a special place to get a sneak peek into the turtle world. Here you can expect the turtles to come to the shore to hatch at night. The turtles here are the loggerhead species of turtles that are endangered right now.

You can take a tour around the Mon Repos and experience turtle hatching and turtle rookery. You can prebook the tickets for the tour of this amazing place and be a part of this scute process also.

3. Walkthrough the Baldwin Swamp Environment Park

Baldwin swamp environment park is a pretty and peaceful place. You can find a lot of different wildlife and birdlife.

You can easily encounter the waterbird in or around the ponds and other birds also. Other than exploring the area you can also take a walk around the area and also ride around on a bike and that is also one of the best things to do in Bundaberg.

There is also a lake Ellen heritage hub nearby that you can also enjoy. This place is perfect for Sunday picnics with all the family members.

4. Meet Animals in the Alexandra Park Zoo 

Another on the list of things to do in Bundaberg is Alexandra park zoo. Alexandra Park zoo was established a long time ago in 1911. The zoo has a variety of animals like the koala, kangaroo, rhesus monkey, and others. Some of the residents have also donated animals to the zoo.

A day trip to the Alexandra park zoo can be a great experience as barbeque facilities and picnic tables are also available here.

Many different schools also book school educational tours because the place is very beneficial for the students to know more about the animals. They also learn about the habits and adaptations of the animals. One more thing this is helpful for them is that they get a chance to learn how a zoo runs and what is required for the animal’s health.

5. Enjoy at Woodgate Beach

Woodgate Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the city of Bundaberg. The stretch of the beach is around 16 km. It is a perfect place for a family vacation as it is very safe and is like a hidden gem in Bundaberg.

The beautiful clear water and white sand look amazing. You can also do surfing on a lot of beaches in Bundaberg. Just like Bundaberg, there are very amazing beaches in Australia where you can surf and swim also.

You can do a lot of things at Woodgate beach, such as walking on the beach is a very calming experience and along with that, you can also encounter kangaroos near trees. It is a large beach and tourists and locals love to visit it.

6. View Hummock Lookout 

hummock lookout
Photo by Gerard from Flickr

The hummock lookout is a low-lying volcanic remnant, which provides a very beautiful view of the whole area. It is a historic place, 96m above sea level, located off the road to Bangara.

Many people like to visit this place as they like to know more about the area and the history of the city.

7. Observe Hinkler Hall of Aviation 

Hinkler Hall of Aviation is located in the botanic garden of Bundaberg. Entry fees are applied to get an entry here. You can buy either buy an individual ticket or a combined ticket.

The hall is designed in such a way that it is like an aircraft wing. The swimming pool is also provided here. Hinkler Hall of aviation provides a lot of facilities to its visitor. Food and refreshments are provided as there is a café that serves a lot of food, snacks and drinks.

You can also enjoy a picnic in the garden with friends and family. This place is also good for people who use a wheelchair as it is easy to move around for them in the hall. The aviation museum is also just near the hall where you can also see a lot of different things.

8. Enjoy Drinks in Bundaberg Barrel

bundaberg barre
Photo by Gerard from Flickr

Bundaberg barrel owns a huge collection of Bundaberg drinks. It is a young family-owned company that tells you a beautiful story of brewing drinks. This place served amazing drinks that are as famous as Bundaberg rum.

The drinks are very famous among people as it has been served for a very long time. A lot of people visit Bundaberg barrels on daily basis. One interesting thing that you can come across at the barrel is the activity of smelling the drinks. In this, you can smell various drinks and guess the secret ingredient in that particular drink.

It is a lot of fun to smell different drinks and to know what is so special about them that makes them very famous. Ginger beer is one of the most famous Bundaberg brewed drinks. Bundaberg barrel merchandise is also available now on their official website.

9. Have Food at Riverfeast

Bundaberg is a very famous food place. The seafood here is known to be very delicious. Eating at the Riverfeast is next up on the list of the best things to do in Bundaberg.

Riverfeast is located on the Burnett River. It has a lot of food options ranging from street food to seafood. There are some bars also that are very good. Hence, there is no doubt as to why visiting Bundaberg barrel is among the best things to do in Bundaberg.

This is a place that has organised a lot of very famous events. People love to be a part of these events. Also, being near a river is one of the main reasons for its popularity. And, it is one of the most famous weekend nightlife places any, hence, youngsters visit here to have fun with their friends.

10. Explore Lady Musgrave Island 

Lady Musgrave Island is the southern great barrier reef- an advanced eco-certified. It is a great place if you love water and anything related to it. There are so many things to do in Bundaberg, and experiencing lady Musgrave island is a great option.

Here you can also encounter humpback whales. It is such a great experience to see whales up close and just enjoys the clear blue water.

This place is both educational as well as inspirational. You can also be a part of water sports like snorkelling and scuba diving. Both of these activities are a great way to see how beautiful life underwater is. You can also visit Musgrave Island as it is very near to the north of Brisbane.

11. Walk around Bundaberg CBD

Bundaberg CBD is an amazing place to have a nice and peaceful walk along with good food. You should spare time to visit the gallery as it is very nice. Along with the gallery, there are coffee shops and a chocolate shop. Apart from these, there are a few heritage buildings around the CBD like the Australia post building.

Bundaberg is rich in its historic aspect. The old buildings and church are so beautiful that it feels perfect to wander around on the street. It is a nice city centre area where you can find a lot of things that can be exciting.

12. Read Books in Bundaberg Regional Library 

Bundaberg regional library is the public library for the local people of Bundaberg. The library owns a collection of thousands of books, scripts and other resources. Both physical and electronic resources are available in the library. It is a nice place to visit to learn more about the history of Bundaberg and the whole of Australia.

This educational place is an excellent space for anyone who loves learning new things and wants to explore deeply about the place. You can also access free internet service in the library, public printing and computers.

13. Embrace the Art at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery 

regional art gallery
Photo by David Stanley from Flickr

The regional art gallery in Bundaberg is a very vibrant and great place. You can explore the good art and culture of the city. The creativity of the artist is presented very beautifully. It also inspires a lot of people to know more about art. Hence, knowing about the art and culture of a place is one the best things to do in Bundaberg.

There is easy access to the gallery. A lot of events and workshops are also organised there. You can also experience various exhibitions, artist visits and talks, educational programs and tours. There is also a gift shop facility available at the art gallery. It is a great experience to visit the art gallery as it is both fun and educational.

14. Explore Bundaberg Railway Museum 

Bundaberg’s first railway station has been turned into a railway museum. There are a lot of railway items here from the past and present. You can find a lot of items like photos, uniforms and other items. Many books and manuals are available to help people get information about different aspects.

The Bundaberg railway museum only opens on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm. This is a very informative and educational place that helps you to get a lot of information about the historic aspects of the city of Bundaberg. Tourists usually visit this place and most of them have a great experience here.

15. Reach out to The Fred Haigh Dam

Fred Haigh dam was completely made in 1974. The recreational facilities are owned by the Bundaberg regional council, such as boating activities, which people enjoy doing. Along with boating, this place is ideal for the people who love fishing as the Fred Haigh dam permits that. It is such a great place that, private camping services are also provided here.

The view from the dam is also very beautiful and gives calming vibes. A lot of events and functions also take place like fishing, swimming, rowing, boat tour, community events, weddings, and many more.

16. Buy Things from Alloway Farm Market 

Alloway farm market is a place that provides good quality farm products to the local people. They also supply the fresh local produce items from the farm in just some days.

Along with a great variety of fruits and vegetables, products like salts, dried fruits, figs sauce, jams, and salad dressings are also available here.

17. Bring Strawberried from Tinaberries 

Farming has been a part of the people of Bundaberg for more the 70 years and Tinaberries has been a fun place in Bundaberg.

Fresh and good-quality of strawberries and fresh fruit ice cream are available in Tinaberries during the winter strawberry season. This place is very famous as it serves what people love the most.

This place also focuses on environmental problems and aims at preserving ecological health.

18. Make a Visit to Sharon Gorge National Park 

Sharon gorge national park is famous for organising overnight camping for people. A lot of facilities are also provided here like gas barbeque, picnic areas, toilets and many more that are amazing for a day trip.

Sharon gorge national park gives the exact feeling of a tropical rainforest. You can visit this anytime as a visit to this park is free of cost. Going to Sharon gorge national park with family can be a great experience because it permits overnight camping, stargazing at night and other activities.

19. Look at the beauty of the Southern Great Barrier Reef

Lady Elliot Island is the only beautiful southern great barrier reed in Australia. Thereby, exploring the southern great barrier reef is one of the best things to do in Bundaberg. It is very near to the city of Bundaberg as it only takes 30 minutes with a scenic flight.

There are a lot of things that you can do on lady Elliot Island like taking a turtle tour, staying in an eco-resort and also you can explore the great barrier reef. The area is very beautiful and its beauty is worth remembering.

It is also known for the ‘manta rays’ and people come here to see them. You can encounter ‘manta rays’ between June and September.

20. Spend a Day in Kalki Moon Distillery

Kalki moon distillery is a family-owned brewing company. A huge amount of drinks are available here like Gin, Vodka and liqueurs.

It is one of the most interesting things to do in Bundaberg as you get to know a lot more about drinks. Earlier, people used to visit this place to enjoy different drinks, but now besides that, they get to know the history and related aspects of the distillery.

21. Walkalong the Bourbong Street

bourbong street
Photo by Jan Smith from Flickr

Bourbong street is a very famous and long stretch of street in Bundaberg. Bundaberg’s west coast and east coast are both connected by this street. For spending days here, you can also find a lot of hotels and stores on the street.

22. Visit Bundaberg Port Marina

bundaberg port marina
Photo by ilovebundaberg.com from Flickr

Bundaberg port marina acts as an entry gate to Australia. Both Lady Elliot Island and lady Musgrave Island are very close to it. It is a place that has some gift stores and provides tour tickets to lady Musgrave islands,  Bundaberg rum distillery and other local attraction sites.

Top Activities to do in Bundaberg

Along with lots of things to do in Bundaberg, there are a lot of fun activities that you can enjoy in the city of Bundaberg.

1. Snorkelling

Snorkelling is a sport that is loved by a lot of people and these people always look forward to visiting a place where they can pursue this favourite activity.

2. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is also a great water activity that is loved by a lot of people. It allows you to go deep in the water and explore the water life in a very beautiful way.

Along with snorkelling, you can also do scuba diving at barolin rocks. This is another level of experience for people who love scuba diving.

3. Camping

Camping is a very fun thing that you can enjoy with your family and friends. There is a huge list of fun things that you can do while camping. Some of the places in Bundaberg also allow overnight camping. Overnight camping is a very beautiful thing as it allows you to enjoy nature more closely.

4. Enjoy Food

Food is a thing that is very famous in Bundaberg. The street food of Bundaberg is loved and praised by numerous people. A lot of people visit Bundaberg for its amazing seafood as it is very fresh and is loved by all.

You can also enjoy Riverfest here. This experience is also very new and quirky. It enhances the nightlife of the city as people come here and enjoy food and various events.

5. Fishing

Fishing is also an activity that helps you to bond with people around you. It is a very calming activity that you can enjoy while being with family and friends. The pleasure of catching a fish is like no other.

Fred Haise dam in Bundaberg is a good place where you can do fishing and along with fishing, you can also do swimming, rowing and boating.

The Footnote

Bundaberg is a very nice and homely place with lots of things to do in Bundaberg. If you love to be a part of different activities and attractive places, then Bundaberg is a place for you.

Even if there are so many things to do in Bundaberg. you are going to enjoy each one of them. Along with food that is a good enough reason for you to love this place, there are other things that you can do here. like you can encounter sea turtles, sea coral coast and also enjoy the rum factory.

While keeping a check on the list of things to do in Bundaberg, keep in mind that you can get cheap accommodations also. Also, take out a day to take pleasure in exploring the caravan park, sunshine coast and Bundaberg’s pristine beaches like Bargara beaches and Kelly’s beach. You can also enjoy turtle hatching at Mon Repos turtle centre and observe the turtle tail because it is one of the most liked things to do in Bundaberg.



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