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Things To Do In Castlemaine

There used to be the point at which the main thing individuals had some awareness of Castlemaine was the presence of “Castlemaine Rock”; that sentimentality-actuating, teeth-breaking brilliant lolly. After an overnighter away, parents would bring back tins of it as compensation for kids remaining with Nan… Ah, the recollections.

Presently this previous gold-mining town rocks in an altogether unique manner. Castlemaine flaunts a prospering food scene and a feeling of secret cool. Local people have even begun calling it (with tongues immovably established in cheek) “North Northcote”.

Find the best things to do in Castlemaine, Australia including Castlemaine Botanical Gardens, Castlemaine Cemetery, Rod Hadfields Hot Rod Museum, Castlemaine Art Museum, Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park, Old Castlemaine Gaol, The Mill Castlemaine, Buda Historic Home and Garden, Castlemaine Historic Market Building, Theater Royal.

Vintage bazaar for one-of-a-kind customers or exemplary Hot Rodder, flourish with bistro culture of inventive pursuits, love nature, or a little art blend – Castlemaine’s have for all.

Innovative Articulation

There could be no greater innovative articulation than The Mill – there are so many fun things to do in Castlemaine visit an exuberant craftsman region home to a vintage bazaar and creators delivering clothing, furniture, workmanship, little clump espresso, brew, wine, and smallgoods, cheddar and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

An energetic unrecorded music scene draws swarms throughout the entire year – see gigs at Theater Royal, The Bridge Hotel, and The Taproom and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

For displays with critical locals, Australian and global works will spoil for decision – make a beeline for the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum or come by a neighborhood craftsman’s studio exhibition to track down mold, pottery, jewellery, canvases, and materials.

Wines and New Produce

things to do in Castlemaine
Photo by Rodrigo Abreu on Unsplash

Foodies and wine darlings will not be frustrated. Magnificent bar charge, high-quality makers, contemporary bistros and cafés as well as breweries, cideries, and wineries.

Stock up on olive oil, cheeses, jam, and new apples and juice at ranch doors and specialty provedores on the rundown for the things to do in Castlemaine way through.

Top Attractions At Castlemaine

Top things to do in Castlemaine must include the visit to a genuine gold mine. Permit a lot of chance to peruse the stores in and in and out of town. From the Vintage Bazaar at The Mill – 1800sqm of classic paradise, mixed book shops, automobile, furniture, garden ware and that’s just the beginning.

Cleared With Goldfields Discover Fine Cuisine

The things to do in Castlemaine must include a self-guided tour. Travellers can explore Castlemaine’s rich history and legacy with a self-guided tour through its fantastic public structures, wide roads, elaborate lodgings, and exceptionally old shops.

Get maps from the Visitor Information Centre in the noteworthy Market Building on Mostyn Street and with street knowledge begin tours.

Things To Do In Castlemaine Is To Go outside

Partake in a loosening up evening by the lake in the Botanical Gardens. Home to huge trees, native plants, delicate ways, jungle gym, and rotundas – there’s something for everybody and each season is one of a kind.

Visit Buda Historic Home and Garden with its radiant nineteenth Century gardens and house, look at Mount Alexander, or head out along the Goldfields Track by foot or on two wheels.

For nature lover Castlemaine have so much to offer, one just have to remember the list of things to do in Castlemaine.

Things To Do In Castlemaine, Australia

Visit The Mill

Stand around with craftsmen, foodies, swillers, and authorities at Castlemaine’s inventive centre point. The reestablished woollen mill one of a kind slows down and upcycled merchandise, organic fruit, a bread kitchen, restaurants, frozen yogurt scoopers, and Shed shaker Brewing’s tavern.

Castlemaine Art Museum

Things to do in castlemaine
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Things to do in Castlemaine must include a visit to the Castlemaine Art Museum. Meander among the scenes and lose all sense of direction in Australian art. With contemporary and significant works of the last part of the 1800s and Edwardian era, the Castlemaine Art Museum is a workmanship example of genuine greatness filled with Australian art.

Botanical Gardens

Things to do in Castlemaine,
Photo by Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash

A serene pearl found near The Mill, these gardens are wondrous whenever of year. Get a kick out of the critical assortment of trees, rich garden beds, Lake Joanna, parks and vegetation save.

Castlemaine State Festival

things to do in Castlemaine
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Australia’s longest-running craftsmanship celebration, the biennial Castlemaine State Festival is a top attraction. Plan ten day trip with accommodation to get entertainment at heritage art, music, film, and theatre. Quite possibly include in the rundown of things to do in Castlemaine.

Victorian Goldfields

Things to do in castlemaine
Photo by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash

Choose steam train attractions for a trip between noteworthy gold mining towns Castlemaine and Maldon. Experience old-fashioned excitement in top-notch and take in the landscape from the parlour vehicle’s survey stage.

 Top Spots For Drinking Al Fresco

Henry of Harcourt makes juice for adults from forty-odd, frequently intriguing apple assortments (in addition to a small bunch of perry-ordained pears). No apple-themed alcopops are permitted here… Pioneer Drew Henry additionally says never to drink juice over ice, since “it’s a plague” and kills the taste.

At the point when wine o’clock hits, it’s time to head to Harcourt Valley Winery. They are known for Barbara’s Shiraz, named after the first proprietor of the property, and unintentionally likewise the ongoing family’s matron. The winery likewise offers its American-style pale lager and a kicky ginger brew.

Trust the people at Hickster for a fair martini, It’s an open-air overhang bar concealed over The Good Table restaurants. It’s just open occasionally, so plan the trip of the things to do in Castlemaine before.

Three Great Wine Regions

things to do in Castlemaine
Photo by Ales Maze on Unsplash

The Goldfields is home to a portion of Victoria’s best art exhibitions, lodging great assortments of works by critical European and Australian specialists.

Eat and drink Goldfields Discover fine cuisine, three incredible wine regions, and the neighbouring ranch. Test the best of natural foods grown from the ground and delicious gourmet cheeses.

Store Hotels Come With Retro Coffee Caravans

Previously an exemplary bar, The Newnorthern is presently a shop craftsmanship lodging. The beds are marvelous and for breakfast, they serve cakes from Johnny Baker’s, right nearby. There’s likewise a retro-styled drive-in convoy stopped right nearby for an expresso and carb fix.

Bridge Hotel Castlemaine

Bridge Hotel present an extraordinary place to get gigs and spend radiant evenings in the brew garden and stormy nights by the fire, all with specialty lager and extraordinary bar grub close by. Bridge hotel is one of the top attractions among many things to do in Castlemaine.

Theatre Royal

things to do in Castlemaine
Photo by Sebastian Gómez on Unsplash

Have an imperially great time at Australia’s most seasoned ceaselessly working theatre. Initially built to engage diggers during the gold rush, the reestablished workmanship deco Theatre Royal is presently a film and unrecorded music scene.


Found just a short ways from Castlemaine, the town flaunts a very much protected magnificent architecture and memorable streetscape now home to a contemporary assortment of store shops and bistros.

Castlemaine Artists Market Building

Expedition at more than 60 slows down is a creative hub offering hand-tailored products from neighborhood craftsmen, creators, and craftspeople, balanced with unrecorded music and top nearby passage. The primary Sunday of every month.


things to do in Castlemaine
Castlemaine Market

Take a tour on a sweet side outing to Victoria’s apple capital, Harcourt. Stock up on specialist delayers at the side of the road slows down, or analyze the natural product bubble at nearby cideries Henry of Harcourt, Bress, and Harcourt Perry and Cider.

Two Chef’s Hats

As the first of Castlemaine’s two-hatted cafés, The Good Table satisfies its name. Shared feel-great dishes are splendid and privately obtained, best picked at over heaps of gab and vino comfortably. Spending money on cucumber salad should be generally excellent for sure.

Elna’s Das Kaffeehaus

Elna’s Das Kaffeehaus as there is a heap of Winter-breaking charge to drive through! Good and lovingly prepared sausages, goulash, schnitzels, and European cakes can be sneered in an encompassing dramatically set with plated outlines, cushioned banquettes, and ceiling fixtures.

There are additionally the rich brews whipped prepared from the beans of Das Kaffeehaus’ on-location roastery.

The experience here is one of luxury specially prepared espressos with lemon-implanted sugar 3D squares, bits of consolidated milk, or calorific wafers. Do visit this cafe to experience delicious food and have fun in the rundown of the things to do in Castlemaine.

Visitor Information Centre

Offering all the most recent data on attractions, convenience, tours, and administrations, it is open all year long aside from Christmas Day. The well-disposed staff and volunteers give nearby knowledge and information, enlightening handouts and guides and can help to book accommodation or tours.

A visit to the Market Building is certainly worth things to do in Castlemaine. Showing customary presentations consistently, features incorporate craftsmanship presentations that grandstand the most recent contributions from capable nearby creatives, neighborhood local area showcases, and public displays.

The Castlemaine Visitor Information Center likewise stocks fine privately created stock in addition to trinkets and gifts to give as a keepsake to travellers for their visit to Central Victoria.


Melbourne is an incredible city, but sometimes getting out of town for small tours on weekends is great. Visit notable Castlemaine, there are a lot of things to do in Castlemaine with family or on a solo trip.

things to do in Castlemaine
Photo by filed image from Depositphotos

A clamouring town presents incredible parks, eminent for its varied expressions scene, rich dash for unheard of wealth history, culture and developing standing as a fine food objective.

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