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Best Things To Do In Newcastle

Deciding on the best Things To Do In Newcastle, New south wales Australia can be incredible with plenty of opportunities for sun, sand, and surf, this off-the-beaten-track city is full of fun things to do without the crowds of Sydney, Australia.

Outdoor adventures, like a bike ride, walking tour, national parks, and Merewether ocean baths in the Southern Hemisphere.

Newcastle area has so much to offer.  Newcastle is full of great activities for kids of all ages, all year round. Newcastle is only a 2.5-hours north drive up the east coast from Sydney. Newcastle (or known as New to the local people). Want to know more about Newcastle tourist attractions? Read more on the complete guide 

How To Reach Newcastle?

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Benjamin Sow on Unsplash

The best way to visit Newcastle is by car but one can also fly directly to Newcastle. From Sydney, it’ll take a beautiful 2-hour drive north. If the guest is driving from Brisbane, one stop by Coffs Harbour for at least a couple of hours.

If visitors opt to go by public transport the trip won’t be more than 3 hours, leaving tons of time to enjoy the stay in Newcastle and have plenty of fun things to do in Newcastle, Australia!

The train from Sydney Central Station will drop you at Newcastle Interchange in Wickham, one of Newcastle’s suburbs right near the centre of the action of the city.

Where To Stay In Newcastle?

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Sandy Ravaloniaina on Unsplash

Longing for an open spread by the coastline, or a tomfoolery occasion park for the children to go crazy. To enjoy individuals’ stay during vacations activities and things to do in Newcastle. Newcastle has the parcel.


  • Journey Newcastle West: highlighting one-, two-and three-room self-overhauled lofts, this movement staple has all the common luxuries of a usual hangout spot and is situated by the Interchange and light rail.

  • Thrive on Bull: a space-style, two-room loft near the seashores, nurseries, and attractions of the city.

  • The Beach House at Merewether: an extravagance three-room home found meters from the sea and offering each mod-con you might at any point expect to appreciate.

  • Crystalbrook Kingsley: the newcomer offers the city’s initial five-star experience squarely in the downtown area.

  • Rydges Newcastle permits a view to Port Stephens across the straight. With delightfully named rooms, select conveniences, and a rich pool, it merits each penny!

Things To Do In Newcastle

Here is a list of fascinating things to do in Newcastle. Check them out!


The old main shopping streets of King St and Hunter St are finally becoming a bit more vibrant again with many awesome restaurants, shops, and pubs opening up. Things to do in Newcastle must include local wine tasting in the city of Newcastle.

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash
  • Brew Cafe

The design itself has a bunch of encounters soaked with alcohol creation. Worked in 1885 by the Tooheys Brewing association, it was used as grain extra room – accordingly the name with more than 20 ales on draft and different spirits and wine, each drink lover will find something they value here.

Located in the center of downtown Newcastle, The Grain Store is the best spot to endeavor area mixes and blends.

Events are consistently happening at this main among tourists and nearby individuals the equivalent. It’s the best place to hang out after a trip of activities, and things to do in Newcastle.

The Newcastle region was perhaps the earliest area in Australia to start delivering wine, and age has just permitted the development of endlessly better wine. Today north of 120 wineries produce wine in one of Australia’s most renowned regions for the cocktail.

A large portion of the wineries have their entryways open for tastings and it’s anything but a phenomenal spot for birthday celebrations and numerous different capabilities.

Wine is a significant fascination here, however glancing out over the moving slopes shrouded in grape plantations is a wonderful sight in itself. No big surprise it is quite possibly of the most well-known things to do in Newcastle, Australia!

Eat In Newcastle’s Finest Restaurants

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Tony Lee on Unsplash

Whether a guest is after a relaxed bar feast or something somewhat more formal after a day full of activities from the bucket list of things to do in Newcastle, Australia.

Newcastle has got everything. Attempt:

  • Consolidating pizza with dazzling sea vistas at the Pizza Kiosk at Merewether Surf House.

  • Get a Mexican notch on at Antojitos. The California-style taqueria has a parade cubby house little ones revere.

  • Getting a charge out of feasting in the open air in Scotties’ lovely patio – complete with marquee lights and a lot of room for the children to go around.

  • Quarreling about whether ‘frozen yogurt’ burgers comprise a feast at Newy Burger Co.

  • Partaking in gelato from lasting top choices Estabar, Popolo Gelateria, and Monella.

Visit Newcastle’s Beaches

There are so many stunning beaches to explore in Newcastle, Australia. There are plenty of amazing things to do on Newcastle beaches.

Bar Beach

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by caitlyn phanith on Unsplash

For first-time visitors to Newcastle, it’s a bit confusing with the beaches because technically Bar Beach, Dixon Park Beach and Merewether Beach are all one long Newcastle beach that’s broken up into sections.

Things to do in Newcastle bar beach are to go for a swim or one can go for yoga. There’s a fab spot at Bar Beach by the picnic tables directly down on the left side of the ocean side which is with regard to locating from the street.

It’s wonderful to take a dip in the ocean after a bit of yoga. Susan Gilmore Beach is next door to bar beach which is famous as the nudist beach in Newcastle, Australia.

Merewether Beach

Take a walking tour to the southwest until it turns into Merewether Beach, one of the top spots for surfers. Stop at The Beach Hotel for tasty pub fare and delicious drinks while taking in the incredible sight of the bay!

Things To Do In Newcastle
Photo by Brendan Somerville from Shutterstock

Besides the view and the different food choices, one of the features of lunch at The Beach Hotel was the LIVE MUSIC. It is one of the highlights of a trip to Newcastle!

After lunch, come by the Merewether Aquarium. Get surprised by the aquarium a pedestrian tunnel with vivid graffiti art creating beautiful under-the-sea-themed murals! It’s the most amazing thing to do in Newcastle, Australia.

Before ending the journey to the beach one of the most important things to do in Newcastle is take a dip in Merewether Baths. Newcastle ocean baths are actually swimming pools filled with ocean water, but they are set right up against the sea.

Nobbys Beach

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Lisa Summerour on Unsplash

Visiting Newcastle without visiting Nobbys beach is considered incomplete. Newcastle’s highest profile seaside destination is Nobbys Beach. It’s a beautiful beach with nice swimming and good surf waves are popular among swimmers, surfers and dolphin-watchers.

Ride bike on a flat and easy bike path is among the best things to do in Newcastle on nobby’s beach. To add a little extra oomph to the day out visitors can catch the ferry to Stockton from Queens Wharf.

Visitors can ride to the break wall underneath the iconic Nobbys Lighthouse and back, pack a picnic and enjoy the sea views.

Nobbys Breakwall

Nobbys Break wall and Macquarie Pier (the part that interfaces Nobbys to the central area built in 1846) have been a much-cherished objective for Novocastrians for quite a long time.

Things To Do In Newcastle
Photo by Tony Gorman from Shutterstock

Visit Break wall with there are so many things to do in Newcastle to appreciate with Kids like strolling, skipping or riding. There are notorious perspectives on Newcastle’s cityscape toward the west, Nobbys Beach, dolphins, ships and every so often seals toward the east.

For little ones still in prams, Nobbys Breakwall is an extraordinary spot for families to walk.

Newcastle Art Gallery

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Fiona Feng on Unsplash

Visit Newcastle Art Gallery, which is at some point be Australia’s most family-accommodating space for expanding specialists. Children can partake in plenty of kids’ specialty trails, play in Smart Space – a region put away for intuitive shows, and look at age-suitable displays.

Everyone is focused on WAR: The Art of Torres Strait, a free presentation to be held from 29 May to 22 August 2021, displaying the development of Torres Strait Islander custom and society through craftsmanship from the nineteenth 100 years to its current counterparts.

Visit Mumorah State Conservation Area

Mumorah State Conservation Area is home to probably the best sea shores Destination NSW. The top things to do in Newcastle are visit these beaches, Bongon Beach, Frazer Park and around the bend at Catherine Hill Bay.

Catherine Hill Bay and Bongon Beach are both extraordinary sea shores for swimming and have generally quiet waters. Frazer Park has some splendid stone pools to find.

There are likewise some astounding ocean caverns to find in Mumorah. Simply don’t get in any danger assuming an individual can find the sea caves.

Glenrock State Conservation

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Khamkhor on Unsplash

A spot to visit in Newcastle that is loaded with nature, look no farther than the Glenrock State Conservation Area. Just 5km south of downtown Newcastle, it is famous things to do in Newcastle like hiking and mountain trekking.

Cluster trails offer an incredible outing, from lavish hedges and green valleys to brilliant sea shores and rough precipices, there is something on offer for each nature sweetheart.

Midway situated in the recreation area lies the quiet waters of Glenrock Lagoon which is additionally a very well-known fascination.

Continuously be wary of natural life, venomous snakes can be found all through Australia and the hedge is no exemption. Look out for the local echidna – they can be precarious to recognize yet are dependably a feature!

Sprinkle in the Canoe Pool

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

Things to do in Newcastle, Australia for families with little ones visit, the kayak pool is ideally suited close to Newcastle Ocean Baths. The kayak pool is said to have been worked close to the baffling ‘map pool’ in 1939.

There is a nearby legend that accompanies the guide pool, or ‘Youthful Mariners Pool’ as it was once called, that a guide of the world actually lies underneath the sand.

Initially, the two pools were developed as rowing pools for kids and cruising of little kayaks as well concerning the security of the Newcastle Ocean Baths in rough seas.

The legend of the ‘map pool’ actually remains today. A case to have seen the guide for themselves, others accept it was eliminated; one way or another, the kayak pool is an incredible spot for small kids to get to know the sea, and get some sand between their toes!

Foreshore Park

Strolling this park is among other great things to do in Newcastle for families with kids. With wide open spaces for games and outdoor tables, it is perfect for a relaxed day out. This Foreshore Park is likewise host to various occasions, including shows and markets in the city.

Quite possibly the best thing about Foreshore Park is it is within a short strolling distance of numerous other phenomenal activities in Newcastle.

Alongside a lake that normally holds ducks drifting around the recreation area has swing sets and jungle gyms for youngsters to keep them dynamic and very much engaged for quite a long time.

A delightful spot, ideal for a family day out, and exceptionally meriting its put-on rundown of things to do in Newcastle, Australia.

Fort Scratchley

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Flavio Gasperini on Unsplash

One of the best things to do in Newcastle, Australia is to take a guided tour of the fort scratchley famous historical centre where a large part of the activity is underground. Situated inside a couple of moments stroll from the city centre.

Fort Scratchley overshadows the foreshore offering mind-blowing, 360-degree perspectives on the locale with the possibility of spotting dolphins and whales in the pacific sea!

This site was significant as it not just gave security to the harbor, the city and the entire New South Wales during World War II, yet it was likewise the site for the principal European coal mineshaft in Australia, worked by convicts work.

Confirmation is free however the offices are just open 10-4 pm Wednesday-Monday.

Blackbutt Nature Reserve

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

Embracing the outdoor has never been very basically as fun as daring to perhaps of Newcastle’s most well-known spot, the 182-hectare nature wonderland that is Blackbutt Reserve.

Blackbutt reserve is home to an abundance of untamed life encounters (reptile shows, untamed life taking care of meetings, directed visits) the kids are similarly prone to partake in the stores’ two huge jungle gyms.

Many short paths wind all through the nature holds grounds, where the Australian shrub can be delighted in practically complete disengagement. For a great outdoors experience one must have a Blackbutt reserve place in the list of the things to do in Newcastle, Australia.

Taking care of emus, spotting koalas in eucalyptus trees, and visiting the different nooks lodging wombats, birds, and snakes balance an Australian natural life experience. Pleasingly, nooks here are significantly more moral than any zoo.

By checking taking care of and kickoffs online there is a lot to be gained on this superb road trip from Newcastle. Complete with a jungle gym for kids and BBQ regions, it’s an incredible outing for the entire family.

King Edward Park Walking Tour

Things to do in Newcastle with family is to visit Newcastle’s, King Edward Park. King Edward Park is a magnificent picnic location for the entire family. Pack some sandwiches or have an Australian-style BBQ at public hot plates.

Enormous open fields give a lot of space to youngsters to run or for a conventional round of terrace cricket. One more famous spot to find in Newcastle is arranged in the core of King Edward Park, the perfectly saved Victorian Rotunda.

A short stroll from the focal point of the recreation area finds the World War 2 destinations of Shepards Hill Battery and Gunner’s Cottage alongside shocking perspectives on the Newcastle shoreline.

An extraordinary spot for the entire family, with a lot of grass to unwind on, and space for youngsters to race however much they might want.

Lake Macquarie

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

To track down Lake Macquarie one has to simply drive 20min south of the city. Lake Macquarie is the biggest seaside saltwater lake in Australia and with 32km of mountains, Due to its calm waters nature and its own city inside its 32km of shore, it’s certainly one of the most beautiful things to do in Newcastle, Australia to track down an appreciation.

Unwind at the water’s edge to the hints of bar-b-ques and birds or hop in with a sprinkle to take a stab at one of the various water spots normal to Lake Macquarie, for example, kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding.

Discover some experience at Belmont wetlands state park situated on the edge of the lake well known for hedge strolls, 4-wheel driving and bird watching.

Fairy Garden in Newcastle

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Ekaterina Cavanaugh on Unsplash

It’s situated in Broadmeadow on Australia Road close to the Newcastle Showground. Fun things to do in Newcastle, for kids.

The Fairy Garden resembles a wonderful little spot for kids to truly have loads of fun and can be explored by the whole family, it was made by Merv Moyle for his little girls, harking back to the seventies.

Hunter Coast

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Csaba Veres on Unsplash

Things to do in Newcastle for the wine lover. This 7-hour outing to the Hunter Valley is the ideal wine sampling experience!

This excursion incorporates wine samplings, wine and chocolate pairings, a class on the most proficient method to coordinate wine and cheddar, and a delectable lunch!

Guests will like to cruise past locales one might have investigated on shore, similar to the Newcastle Memorial Walk, Bogey Hole, and Glenrock Lagoon!

Watch out for slippery oceanic creatures and marine life as one takes the destinations. For fun and adventure, one must keep this place on the list of things to do in Newcastle!

As journeys move further down Hunter Coast, individuals pass new locales like ocean caverns and Hill Bay. In addition, secret spots like Shark Bay, Moon Island, and Pinney’s Headland can be uncovered during the cruise!

Newcastle Museum

Best things to do in Newcastle
Photo by Cezar Sampaio on Unsplash

Newcastle Museum is the best spot for kids, with top-notch kids displays and science shows. Quite possibly of the best things to do in Newcastle. Newcastle Museum is self handle tours at their own pace, whether guests choose a guided tour or pick an independent choice.

Kids love it since there is consistently a scope of fantastic things to do in Newcastle(Newcastle museum) for them and see with shows which light their creative minds!

  • The primary display is entitled A Newcastle Story, and it makes sense of the early history of Newcastle, starting with its Aboriginal people’s beginnings.

  • The subsequent display is called Fire and Earth, which centres for the most part around Newcastle as a modern force to be reckoned with. Newcastle delivers a lot of coal and steel, and this display effectively teaches watchers through a modern focal point.

  • The third show is named Supernova. This show works as a science gallery and covers subjects like design and math. It contains heaps of good times for kids and is most certainly available to anybody paying little mind to mature.

Things to do in Newcastle with family is to explore the Newcastle museum, which is ideally suited for the whole family!!

Bogey Hole

The Bogey Hole is a little sea shower constructed indeed, by convict work around 1820. It is effortlessly reached from a twisting little street driving through King Edward Park, and the expansion of stable steps implies the fascination is not among the easiest things to do in Newcastle.

While getting to this exquisite minimal swimming opening is currently more straightforward, getting in can be hazardous. High expands can send water flooding over the stone which shapes a blockade from the sea.

Hence, visiting at low tide can make it a little more secure, however forever be wary.

To try unique things to do in Newcastle this is the place for the individual. In addition to the fact that it said to is be the most seasoned sea pool in New South Wales but at the same time, it’s staggeringly reviving with sea water continually streaming into the shower.


Things To Do In Newcastle
Photo by aiyoshi597 from Shutterstock

Newcastle is a fantastic place to visit with families and children. 2-hour drive from east coast Sydney. Whether they’re after treetop experiences or skateboard workmanship studios, Newcastle has family-accommodating fun things to do in Newcastle, for each age bunch.

Extravagant an outing to a harbour city encompassed by brilliant sea shores, famous swim spots and vast attractions for the youthful, and the not-exactly as-youthful.

The city of Newcastle have so much to offer. Fancy a trip with kids and family to experience so many adventurous activities together from golden beaches, its history steeped build in steel or have a memorial walk at guests’ own pace and make memories for a lifetime with the fabulous things to do in Newcastle.

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