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How to Make the Most of Gladstone: 14 Activities

Gladstone is a hidden gem of a destination in Central Queensland that offers many wonderful and unique experiences for tourists to enjoy.

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Keppel Group of Islands and be mesmerized or soak in the natural wonders of Wreck Rock or the Orchid house. The Great Barrier Reef is regarded as one of the best places to visit and see in Queensland.

Whether it is to explore the natural surroundings of Lake Awoonga to spot the majestic humpback whales or to watch turtle hatchlings walking towards the ocean, you will find plenty of things to do in Gladstone.

Let us explore the 14 top-rated things to do in Gladstone. The city of Gladstone is home to a wide variety of exciting attractions, and we’ve compiled a list of the best ones here.

1. Enjoy the Spectacular Views at the Auckland Hill Lookout

Auckland Hill Lookout is a fantastic tourist destination and a wonderful round hill lookout in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia, and visiting it is one of the most famous things to do in Gladstone. The panoramic views of the entire Gladstone area are stunning, and the city is breathtaking with its marina and harbor.

Things to do in Galdstone
Image by Vicki Nunn from Pixabay

2. Venture Into the East Shores Parklands

East Shores Parklands is a beautiful waterfront boardwalk and park that is located in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. The parkland is quite vast and has many activities and amenities for people of all age groups.

As one of the best things to do in Gladstone, at East shores water park, visitors can go for a walk, jog, cycle, and fish in the marina. Many hiking routes run along the waterfront. Further, you will be blessed to view the stunning landscape of Gladstone harbor. Apart from that, visitors can fish in the harbor as well.

things to do in gladstone
Courtesy: Queensland

Children have access to the water play area, playground, and an activity named flying fox. Visitors can also dine at several food outlets at the East Shores water parks, such as cafes, restaurants, and bars.

So why wait? Head out into the lovely East Shores Parkland area and spend a quiet day by the waterfront.

3. Discover the Maritime History at the Gladstone Maritime Museum

Many inquisitive visitors would love to spend their time discovering the historical nature of a particular place. Gladstone Maritime Museum is for those who are passionate about leading the history of Gladstone City.

The Gladstone Maritime Museum is a special place where one can find the maritime history of the Gladstone region. As a part of the Gladstone Marina Parklands, you can find many priceless exhibits.

The Museum offers exciting activities for its visitors, and they will be glad to learn about maritime history through its exhibits, displays, and artifacts.

things to do in gladstone
Image by Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay

Historical photographs, old documents, old maritime equipment, and ship documents are some of the masterpieces you will find at the Museum.

Visiting the Maritime Museum is one of the definite things to do in Gladstone, as it is an enjoyable way to learn about the region’s maritime history.

4. Hop Over to the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum

The Gladstone Regional Museum and Art Gallery are in a beautiful location in Gladstone, Queensland. Having been established in 1985, the Gladstone regional art gallery has the best display of visual arts, authentic cultural heritage, and splendid exhibitions.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the place by viewing the exhibits that include the beautiful works of local and international artists. Some of the most incredible past artifacts can also be found here.

Furthermore, viewing interesting interactive displays will make it one of the most pleasant things to do in Gladstone. Another exciting activity would be to tour the HMAS Gladstone.

You will find it in the marina near the Auckland inlet. The highlights of the museum are the paintings, the ceramic sculptures, and outstanding photography.

things to do in gladstone
Courtesy: Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum

Visitors would love to dive into the history of the Gladstone region here at the museum and they can participate in the range of programs and events offered to them.

As one of the most splendid things to do in Gladstone, visiting the Gladstone Art Gallery and Museum will be a dream come true destination for those keen for a tryst with the region’s art, culture, and vivid history.

5. Go on a Trip to Boyne Valley

Boyne Valley is a picturesque location that can be reached within an hour of the Great barrier reef. Its natural beauty with lovely surroundings oozes the old country’s appeal and makes it a perfect location that has many perfect things to do in Gladstone.

It offers excellent activities such as hiking, camping, and wildlife encounters. In addition, visitors will love the opportunity to take a lovely scenic drive to watch some of the most stunning landscapes.

things to do in gladstone
Image by anurag kaushik from Pixabay

Visitors can also go hunting or fishing on the Boyne River. It is one of the most wonderful things to do in Gladstone. A few of the exotic species you might catch are the barramundi, mangrove jack, and flathead.

Fruits and vegetables such as bananas, oranges, and macadamia nuts are grown to perfection in the Boyne Valley. As a place to experience some of the best natural surroundings, visiting the Boyne Valley is one of the most lovely things to do in Gladstone.

6. Explore the Tannum Sands Beach

The vast beachside near the Tannum sands is one of the top destinations for visitors who love the beautiful white sandy beaches in the Gladstone region. The ocean views from the Tannum Sands are out of this world.

It is found just twenty kilometers south of the Gladstone region on the central Queensland coast. Tannum Sands’s main beach is a popular location for swimming and other water sports.

things to do in gladstone
Image by Misfit Branding from Pixabay

Visitors to the beach will be glad to know that the beach is safely patrolled by lifeguards that ensure you are safe and sound while swimming.

It has excellent amenities as well. Barbeque and picnic areas, to name a few, would make your day spent with your family on the Tannum sands beach memorable and perfect at the same time.

Exploring Tannum sands will be one of the most beautiful things to do in Gladstone; that will be worth it.

7. Pack a Picnic and Head to Tondoon Botanic Gardens

Who would not like to go on a picnic? It is one of the most lovely things to do in Gladstone, and if you do have the urge to do so on a fabulous summer’s day, consider Tondoon Botanic Gardens.

An impressive 83-hectare botanic garden is home to a massive collection of plants from Port Curtis Island and the Tropical North Queensland area.

Take a leisure walk through the beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens or the splendidly cultivated Mount Biondello gardens.

Till 1945, the water supply for Gladstone region was provided by Lake Tondoon, which is situated in the center of the Botanic Gardens. Additionally, it provides a home for many different types of bird life.

things to do in gladstone
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

One of the most sought-after things to do in Gladstone would be to visit the Tondoon botanic gardens, which is an excellent place for inspiration and relaxation.

What better way to relax than to have a quiet picnic with electric barbecues and to watch your kids have a lovely time at the playground?

8. Take in the Fresh Air and Beautiful Views at Spinnaker Park

The award-winning recreational Spinnaker Park opened its doors in 2001 and since then has wooed many visitors to take in the fresh air and beautiful views of its surroundings.

As an ideal location for walking, it features two and a half kilometers of walking tracks wherein hikers would love to learn about the native wetlands and ponds. They would love to participate in one of the most active things to do in Gladstone.

things to do in gladstone
Image by Dieter Ludwig Scharnagl from Pixabay

As a lovely setup with ample grassy areas, visitors are treated to activities like riding and rollerblading. So go ahead, take time off, and cool yourself at one of the most spectacular places in Gladstone.

You will not be disappointed to know that Spinnaker Park is one of the best places to do some of the most enjoyable things to do in Gladstone.

9. Get Snap Happy at the Rainbow Reefs on Lady Musgrave Island

Lady Musgrave Island is situated in the southern Great Barrier Reef. It is a breathtaking 14-hectare island that boasts diverse marine life swimming in the quiet turquoise waters.

Further, scuba diving enthusiasts would love it here due to its sparkling clean waters. It is also great for snorkeling.

things to do in gladstone
Courtesy: Unlimphotos

The rainbow reefs on Lady Musgrave Island can be described as one of the most stunning natural phenomena. Its vibrant and multicolored appearance is excellent for clicking some of the most striking pictures.

Visiting Lady Musgrave Island would give its visitors some of the most remarkable things to do in Gladstone that should not be missed.

10. Escape to the Wild at the Sandstone Wilderness in Kroombit Tops National Park

If you are a nature enthusiast, you must experience the beauty of the Sandstone Wilderness in Kroombit Tops National Park.

The vast mountain ranges extending as far as the great diving range, including a whopping 100 state forests and National Parks, will mesmerize you.

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels

Escape into the world of natural wonder and rich history and explore the rural haven.

As a place filled with endless bush adventures, be prepared to be awestruck by the stunning landscapes and picturesque drives that await you here.

11. Experience the Past Come Alive at Calliope River Historical Village

As a history buff looking to discover the rich history of Gladstone city, then a visit to the Calliope historical villages is a must for you.

Calliope Historical villages will give an insight into the past. Original buildings and fascinating displays will help you understand Gladstone even better.

things to do in gladstone
Image by Kathy Helen Pike from Pixabay

The main feature of the village is the Calliope River Railway facility. Visitors would love to view the Queensland rail coach and two camp wagons.

You can also tour the museum for a small fee. With so many things to do in Gladstone, visiting the Calliope historical village is a beautiful way to learn about its unique culture and history.

12. Enjoy Fishing in the Beautiful Surrounds of Agnes Water and 1770 Town

If you are looking to travel away from the hustle and bustle of the bright, sunshine coast, you must choose the north. Here you will come across some of the most pretty tranquil coastal towns of Agnes water and the town of 1770(Seventeen Seventy).

The pristine beaches, peaceful estuaries, and lush green forest will captivate you and remind you that you need to explore and unwind into a most rewarding journey of a lifetime.

One of the most delightful things to do in Gladstone would be to try your luck at fishing on the Chinaman’s Beach or to just relax under the tranquility of seclusion where you find time seems to stop.

13. Escape to Gecko Valley Winery for Fine Wine

Gecko Valley is a beautiful vineyard owned by a delightful family and offers its visitors an experience that can be unforgettable and gratifying. Gecko Valley is one of the best places to visit in Gladstone city, as it has some of the most delectable wines and supreme surroundings that are captivating.

If you wish to have a perfect time to spend a lazy weekend or a quiet afternoon, you must consider visiting Gecko valley and in addition, it offers tourists a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature.

things to do in gladstone
Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

Therefore it is no surprise that visiting Gecko Valley is considered one of the top things to do in Gladstone.

14. Be Dazzled by the Shows at Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre

Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre is more than just a conference venue. It is the cultural hub for the local community at Gladstone, as it offers a range of activities and events for visitors to watch and enjoy.

So one of the most memorable things to do in Gladstone would be to get dazzled by the unforgettable shows at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre. From live music performances to art exhibitions, something is always happening here.


There are so many innumerable activities to explore and delight yourself in with your family and friends. To those interested in history and culture, Gladstone boasts of the Town Hall and the Auckland point lookout offering fantastic views of the Gladstone Harbour.

Other things to do in Gladstone would be to visit the William Golding exhibition to satisfy your art and literature tastes in you.

Furthermore, for the unswerving adventurer in you, do take the time to swim with manta rays and sea turtles and explore the endless outer reef.

With so many options, you can do many things to do in Gladstone; you must plan the next vacation here and discover the wonders of the southern Great Barrier Reef to your heart’s delight.

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