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12 Best Restaurants Hobart You Must Visit

Hobart is the Australian capital city of the island state of Tasmania. You can find the high-end fashionable restaurants around Salmanaca palace. It is the first Australian city to have a casino. It also welcomes new art museums, cafes, and bars wholeheartedly. If you are in Australia, you should visit Hobart’s best restaurants.

Best Hobart restaurants for Foodies

Here are some of the best restaurants Hobart offers, which will relish your taste buds with exotic food.

1. Templo

Spend a larger portion of your eating and drinking budget at Templo. Given that this small but mighty eatery is one of the best restaurants in Hobart, the seasonal chef’s set menu is well worth your money and time. When Templo opened, Hobart’s restaurants all stepped up, and Hobart’s food scene has never been the same.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Mgg Vitchakorn/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Not that it’s expensive (a relative bargain compared to Sydney or Melbourne); with wine pairing, Templo represents some of the best value in Hobart. The 20-seater neighbourhood restaurant delivers impeccable natural flavours daily, with an 8-10 course set menu highlighting produce sourced within a 50-kilometre radius of Templo.

The kitchen maintains an unwavering commitment to local produce – they only source ingredients from within about 50 kilometres of the restaurant – and minimal intervention wines, so expect an abundance in drinks and food.

2. Peppina

Peppina, helmed by renowned chef Massimo Mele, is a hot new and best restaurants Hobart located in the brand-new five-star hotel The Tasman. Peppina opens against some stiff competition, given that hotel restaurants in Hobart are typically more reliable than hotel restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne.

Nonetheless, Mele has created an exquisite Italian menu for the 190-seat restaurant, which she plans to change regularly to reflect Hobart’s freshest produce. The impressive open kitchen roars with a wood-fired oven and an open firepit, giving Peppina plenty of punch as glasses clink over seasonal pasta, locally sourced meats, and grilled seafood.

3. Frank

While Sydney has Porteno and Melbourne has Palermo, Frank is unquestionably the best Argentinian best restaurant Hobart has to show. This tastefully designed wharf restaurant is a palace of Parilla and slow-grilled meats, paired with an impressive wine list and an equally impressive cocktail menu.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Alaundra Alford/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Whatever is cooking in the kitchen changes regularly, but the best bet is to always go for the meat. After all, this is Argentine cuisine, with highlights such as a 400g scotch fillet and an 800g thin skirt for those with larger appetites. It’s not only one of the best restaurants in Hobart but also one of the most unusual.  Just remember to save room for that amazing charred banana with salted caramel ice cream before you head out onto the franklin wharf.

4. Van Bone

Van Bone, an open kitchen set against the massive natural arena of Marion Bay just 50 minutes east of Hobart CBD, is built on the concept of fire and smoke. Like that of Australia’s best regional restaurants like Igni and Zin House, the menu has the admirable goal of closed-loop sustainability, creating the kitchen’s culinary ecosystem.

And with any excess produce fed back into the cooking process through various techniques like fermenting, preserving, and pickling.

Chef Timothy Hardy has such a great environment to work with, and it’s clear that the surroundings have inspired him to elevate Tasmania’s dining scene in his unique way by contributing to the ongoing conversation about sustainable dining.

Hardy now has complete control over his menu, which includes finely shredded southern calamari in pork broth and smoked buttermilk ice cream.

5. Fico

Fico, which means “fig” in Italian, is far from the only Italian best restaurants Hobart, but it is frequently cited as the best. Of course, there will be stiff competition, but it won’t be easy to top the work of owners Federica Andrisani and Oskar Rossi, who are both from Naples.

Together, they’ve created a restaurant that deserves the praise that frequently pours in, with a constantly changing menu best experienced through the ‘Let Us, Cook, For You set menu with matching drinks.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Davide Cantelli/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The flavours are plentiful, the techniques are straightforward, and each dish is presented with pure elegance. There’s also a free-wheeling sense of experimentation here, with the kitchen unafraid to stray from traditional Italian if the local produce – usually sourced from Sunday’s Farm Gate Market – calls for it.

You will be served top-notch food here. It will be served alongside signature pithiviers (dense enclosed pie) stuffed with gamey meats such as rabbit or pigeon. Pasta dishes include hare Bottoni with braised escarole and black olives, Parmigiano Reggiano with capellini onion and rice wine vinegar.

6. Ti Ama

Every city requires a tribute to greasy pizzas and cocktails. Heartbreakers is in Melbourne, and Frankie’s Pizza is in Sydney. Ti Ama is Hobart’s equivalent, a takeaway pizza joint packed with beans, life, and a slew of delectable treats.

The pizza oven has been transformed into a glorified, massive disco ball. The pizza boxes are hot pink, and the all-you-can-eat pizza menu. You’ll also find a fantastic antipasti menu with favourites like fresh mozzarella, wood-fired pepper and fresh house-made pasta.

The team here also makes a holy tiramisu that is well worth your time. If you still have a sweet tooth, we’ll need you to eat the Budino-baked custard—it tastes as good as it sounds.

7. The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery

Drive a short distance to New Norfolk and park at The Agrarian Kitchen eatery. A former psychiatric hospital has been transformed into the farm and cooking school’s eatery, where their lunch menu serves as a grand showcase of fresh produce sourced both from the Agrarian farm and locally.

The share-style set menu is reasonably priced and provides a lot of food, ranging from burrata with kefir cream smoked paprika to lamb shoulder with garlic, lemon, and fish sauce.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Hybrid Storytellers/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

If you have the time, sign up for one of their wildly intimate and insightful cooking classes to truly appreciate the area’s fabled provenance, which has moved from Rodney and Severine’s home to the kitchen site at New Norfolk.

8. Aloft

Working tirelessly with small producers ensures that Aloft is known for more than just its impeccable architecture and dazzling water views. However, denying how appealing this loft-style waterfront restaurant is perched at the end of the Brooke Street Pier.

With a constantly changing seasonal menu, locally caught seafood, and meticulously sourced meat and dairy, the food is what anchors people in the dreamy space. The tasting menu, as with all of the best restaurants Hobart, is typically the best choice here, with an add-on if you’d like to pair it with a series of drinks.

9. Peacock & Jones

Peacock & Jones always has over 60 bottles of fine wine in their cellar, and they are always looking for the perfect pairing experience with their fine dining changing menu. The formidable Hunter Street restaurant carves out an old sandstone warehouse on Hobart’s waterfront with an almost strict dedication to Tasmanian flavours and little else. It is one of the best restaurants Hobart has to offer.

Head Chef Julian Volkmer changes the menu frequently, and he’s a clear fan of minimalism, with the produce always remaining the focus of the dish, complemented by very few ingredients.

Lyndall Farm glazed lamb ribs with fermented black barley, spinach, and Dongola curdy and Cape Grim sirloin with horseradish creme, smoked leek, and caramelized shallots are two examples. The dishes are inspired by what is in season in Tasmania, making this one of the best restaurants in Hobart.

10. Landscape Restaurant & Grill

Landscape Restaurant & Grill, part of The Henry Jones Art Hotel, makes clever use of its setting – the former IXL Jam Factory, filled with reclaimed timber and set against the magnificent paintings of John Glover.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Alex Teixeira/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Few spaces can compete with this when it comes to the best restaurants in Hobart that provide an appropriately high-end environment.

The Asado grill powers most of the cooking here, producing some of the best meat dishes in Hobart, including a Robbins Island wagyu eye fillet grass-fed Cape Grim T-bone.

The Landscape Kitchen has recently turned to Victoria-based artist Jennifer Riddle and a piece by her that won the 2022 John Glover Art Prize. Landscape artwork and its photorealistic layers of land, water, and colour that now hang permanently in the restaurant’s private dining room have inspired the food on offer.

11. Osteria Vista

Osteria Vista is Stefano Lubiana Wines’ new on-site restaurant just past David Walsh’s iconic Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). The kitchen offers great value with a four-course degustation, obviously leaning Italian with a focus on local produce and wine pairings, cosily up the River Derwent.

Because the concept is so simple, Osteria Vista has slipped under the radar for visitors looking for a culinary adventure and the best restaurants Hobart has to show. This open kitchen deserves to be on your itinerary like that classic reservation at Templo, the meat sweat session at Landscape, and the boozy lunch at Dier Mark.

12. Malik Restaurant

The fiercely Mediterranean kitchen at Malik, driving one of the best restaurants in North Hobart tas, stands as an elegant answer to Sydney and Melbourne’s undying love of the breezy flavours that primarily hop around the Greek islands, Italy, Turkey, and Lebanon.
Fresh seafood is essential in north Hobart.

Tamarind-glazed baby octopus is served with salsa verde and Mandurah couscous; seafood paella features a medley of king prawns, mussels, and calamari with Turkish sujuk; and char-grilled calamari is mixed with young tomato and toum butter.

This wild dip into the ocean adds a nice distinction to this elegant greek style best restaurants Hobart by combining Tasmania’s best with calculated pops of Europe’s best coast.

Best Wine houses in Hobart

Here are some famous cocktails and wine bars in Hobart to add-on to your dining experiences.

1. Dier Makr & Lucinda Wine Room

Every Australian city needs a fan-favourite hidden wine bar, and for north Hobart, that honour goes to Dier Mark, which is arguably as close to fine dining as the city. Kobi Ruzicka and Sarah Fitzsimmons’ intimate drinking den is an ode to fine wines and elegant bar snacks, with a menu that changes faster than anyone could keep up with.

When you enter, the blackboard lists the dishes available, and you can taste the mine as suggested. The staff at Dier Makr is efficient and capable of handling.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Jay Wennington/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

If that isn’t enough wine, the co-owners also run Lucinda Wine Bar in the same building, with a focus on minimal-intervention drops alongside produce-driven dishes like squid with potatoes and bay, freshly shucked oysters, mozzarella with plum and figs, chicken liver parfait, and whipped anchovy with pickled mussels.

2. The Glass House

The Glass House stands proudly at the far end of Franklin Wharf on Hobart’s waterfront, almost worth the trip just for the views of Sullivan’s Cove and the Derwent River with nothing in the way.

Although the views from the glass house are not the only reason it is listed as one of the best restaurants Hobart has to offer, from line-caught kingfish carpaccio lightly treated with anchovy and dill mustard to wild clover lamb tartare with lovage, gentleman’s relish, and beetroot, the food and drink raise the bar even higher.

3. Preachers

Preachers, a Knopwood Street institution just a short walk from Hobart’s famous Salamanca Market, serves hearty, greasy pub food. Fortunately, the kitchen can produce some of the best burgers, hotdogs, and loaded fries in the state.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Hybrid Storytellers/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The pub, transformed from a historic 1849 sailmaker’s cottage, is easily located at the heart of Hobart’s cultural scene, complementing all of those charming details with one of the city’s best craft beer lists.

4. Sonny

If you want some sneakier style, top-notch food, and wine in one of Hobart’s classiest establishments, go to Sonny wine bar, which former Templo Chef Matt Breen runs. There’s also a killer soundtrack, with the staff as fond of dusty old vinyl as they are of a well-curated wine list.

Combining that with simple, honest Italian food that adheres to the Hobart ethos of championing local ingredients with fresh, rich flavours, Sonny’s wine bar has a formidable offering.

5. Evolve Spirits Bar

Evolve Spirits Bar is a one-of-a-kind experience for drinkers and diners looking to make the most of their stay at – or visit – Macq01. It has been named Australia’s Best Hotel Bar and Tasmania’s Best Bar (Australian Bar Awards, 2019).

The luxury lounge bar is motivated by a desire to highlight Tasmania’s distinct culture of premium distilling while serving some of the freshest food available at any hotel ba and truly delicious cocktails. While the food options aren’t as extensive as the spirits and cocktail menus, a lovely simplicity here highlights only the best of Tasmanian produce.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Louis Hansel/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Bruny Island oysters with Champagne vinegar granita, Tasmanian salmon pancakes with pickled cucumber, creme fraiche, and roe, and Berkshire pork belly bao buns with a sweet and spicy sauce are just a few examples. The Tasmanian cheese plate, which features a rotating selection of the state’s finest, is perfect for the indecisive.

6. Bar Wa Izakaya

If you’re looking for the best Japanese restaurants Hobart, Elizabeth Street is the place to go. While the city, and Tasmania in general, do not have nearly as many high-quality Japanese best restaurants in Hin Hobart as Melbourne or Sydney, this modest izakaya-inspired space more than suffices for fans of sake and sashimi.

If you could go to Bar Wa Izakaya at any time of day, make it early afternoon. From 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., the venue is home to ‘Bar Women,’ which serves nothing but piping hot, beautifully tared bowls of warm ramen to aid in the eternal battle against Hobart’s characteristically chilly climate.

Best cafes in Hobart

Here are some of the best cafes in Hobart to try some of the best finger-licking food.

1. Pigeon Hole Cafe

This farm-to-table cafe from the Pigeon Whole Bakery team is one of the best places to eat in Hobart on any day of the year. Pigeon Hole Cafe’s menu frequently changes because it showcases the seasonal produce grown at Weston Farm, an award-winning family-owned farm in Southern Tasmania.

best restaurants Hobart
Photo by Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The menu is guided by organic principles, biodynamic principles, and high-quality sustainable farming, and it is the best restaurant Hobart experiences in the morning. Breakfast options include hot smoked fish blini with pickles, preserved lemon, buttermilk,s soft polenta with creamy mushrooms, goat’s cheese, and spinach – a great way to start the day.

2. Born In Brunswick

Though it may appear bright and garish to some, this modern cafe in the city’s northwestern outskirts packs some serious punches, particularly regarding its all-day brunch menu.

Suppose you’ve got a few extra hours of sleep but don’t want to miss out on a morning-appropriate meal. Then try the Tasmanian charcoal-grilled octopus and chorizo scrambled eggs with salsa verde, chorizo crumb, and sourdough.

Or the Thai fish cakes with king prawns, white fish, nuoc cham, cucumber, and herb salad. Everything here is one-of-a-kind and so fresh that you wouldn’t be surprised if it were inspired by family recipes passed down through generations.

3. Room For A Pony

You wouldn’t expect a café called Room For A Pony to serve some of Tasmania’s best-woodfired pizza, but that’s exactly what this atmospheric space offers. Choose your time of day to visit this highly energetic, social café; it’s a winner whether you’re there for a day-starter like the mind-blowing Chinese fried chilli omelette or lunch like spiced lamb shank with hot & sour coconut sauce.

As well as being popular for breakfast, the list of woodfired pizzas, mostly with playful toppings like the ‘fun guy’ with Huon Valley honey brown & enoki mushrooms flanked by truffle oil, mozzarella, spring onions, and parmesan, is gaining popularity.

4. Jackman & McRoss

Jackman & McRoss is a must-stop along the historic Battery Point walk, serving up some of Hobart’s best pies and sausage rolls from the city’s most historic bakery. The chatty weekday lunch crowds can usually be found here, most of them making the climb from Salamanca Place for a well-deserved duck, cranberry, and walnut sausage roll.

It’s worth noting that this Battery Point tas location is no longer the only Jackman & McRoss in town, with the bakery central to Hobart’s culinary identity. However, it remains the best due to the historical setting and the viewpoints dotted along the point.

5. The Standard Burgers

Every Australian capital city must have at least one rustic burger joint serving the best patties around. That is unquestionably The Standard in Hobart, hidden off Liverpool Street down Hudson’s Lane.

It’s as unconcerned about appearances as the burgers are, with seating available on a small rooftop or simply on the pavement outside. There are few options, but nothing beats the signature namesake burger, which features a double beef patty stacked with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, and mayo.

6. Local pizza

Local Pizza is a short drive from Hobart’s city centre, near Claremont, and is unquestionably the best place in town for top-notch, traditional, piping hot, and chewy pizza. This restaurant, on the outskirts of Hobart, is owned by Bella Lubiana, the daughter of renowned winemaker Stefano Lubiana. She is also committed to using local ingredients – all pizzas are made with 100% GMO-free Tasmanian flour.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The flour’s specific consistency gives each pizza an impossibly chewy, firm texture ideal for toppings like the standout ‘King Kofta’ with red pesto, lamb kofta, mozzarella, roast capsicum, herb yoghurt, zaatar, and chopped seasonal herbs.

Farm gate market

Gear up, foodies, if you are not planning to pay a visit to the best restaurants Hobart offers. Then this grain market is your place to pick any vegetable or fruit or look out for local ingredients.

Farm Gates Market, like a trip to Mona or a hike up Cradle Mountain, is a focal point of Hobart’s entire culinary culture. Although the vibrant Salamanca Market is more well-known for its scallop pies and leather goods, Farm Gates Market stands out for its strict commitment to local produce and supporting its growers.

Every Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to early afternoon, the street food markets offer everything from freshly shucked Bruny Island oysters at Hobart Oyster House to wallaby breakfast burritos at Pacha Mama Mexican.

You can also book the new Sirocco South dining experience, in which produce virtuoso Mic Giuliani takes guests on a foraging tour before seating them for a six-course luxury lunch overlooking Frederick Henry Bay, complemented by wines from Bream Creek Vineyard.


Hobart is well-known for its artisanal products, regional cuisine, and creative residents. Visit the Salamanca in Hobart to sample some of Tasmania’s finest products! Wander among the 300 open-air stalls, sample delicious food, and relax in a welcoming atmosphere! Mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, and surfing are all available within a 20-kilometre radius of the city.

Hobart’s art is more than just Mona. Visit the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG and several private galleries located throughout Salamanca and the city centre. You would undoubtedly enjoy all of the best restaurants Hobart has to offer.

I hope you will love this lavish dining at Hobart!

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