12 Best Restaurants Hobart You Must Visit

Hobart is Tasmania’s Australian capital city. It is believed to be the first Australian city to have a casino. And also welcomes new art museums, cafes, and bars wholeheartedly. You will get high-end fashionable restaurants, especially around Salmanaca palace. If you are in Australia, you should visit the best restaurants in Hobart.

Best Hobart restaurants for Foodies

Here are some of the best restaurants Hobart offers, which will relish your taste buds with exotic food.

1. Templo

If you want to spend a budget-friendly afternoon, come to Templo. It is a small place with a giant eatery. It is also the best restaurant in Hobart. And the seasonal chefs decide menu which is worth your money and time. When Templo started, Hobart’s restaurants were increasing and making Hobart’s food scene more sensational.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Mgg Vitchakorn/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

You can wine and dine at one place because Templo has the best value in Hobart. You will then see that the changing menu is sourced from within a 50-kilometer radius of Templo.

The kitchen and staff swear to deliver the best local produce – only freshly sourced ingredients to the restaurant.

2. Peppina

Moving on, Pe, pina, known by chef Massimo Mele, is a trending news and among the best restaurants in Hobart. Peppina gives a strong competition to the restaurants in hobart. It is located in a brand-new hotel named The Tasman.

Mele’s mission is to create an exquisite Italian menu, which she plans to change daily to reflect Hobart’s freshest produce. This impressive offers exclusiveness by being an open kitchen. Peppina gets a plus point for serving pasta made from fresh local ingredients with some meat and seafood.

3. Frank

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Alaundra Alford/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

You will every day notice the menu changes every day, but you should try the meat. After all, this is Argentine cuisine, offering large appetizers of fillet and thin skirts. It’s the best restaurant Hobart has to offer and the most unusual. Don’t forget to try a burnt banana.

4. Van Bone

Van Bone offers an open kitchen in Marion Bay around the Hobart CBD. And stands on fire and smoke. The menu loves you and your goal.

The talented and sustainable lover Chef Timothy Hardy creates a friendly workplace atmosphere. And he states the sea views inspire him to bring the best to the table. And allowed him to present his unique way of sustainable dining for the visitors.

5. Fico

Fico, which means “fig” in Italian, is the best Italian restaurant in Hobart. Of course, there will be stiff competition. Along with the regular menu, changes can be best experienced with drinks.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Davide Cantelli/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

You can taste the great flavors and the simple techniques, and each dish is flawless. The kitchen is unafraid to try something unusual from traditional Italian.

You will be served top-notch food here and some pithiviers stuffed with gamey meats such as rabbit or pigeon. You can try pasta with Bottoni, shredded escarole, capellini onion, and black olives with vinegar.

6. Ti Ama

A perfect takeaway pizza joint packed with beans, life, and a slew of delectable treats. Every city needs a tribute to greasy pizzas and cocktails. You will need Heartbreakers in Melbourne, Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney, and Ti Ama, Hobart’ss representative.

You will notice the pizza oven is transformed into a glorified, massive disco ball to spice up the scene. Notice the hot pink pizza boxes, and find a fantastic pasta menu with favorites like fresh mozzarella, woodfired pepper, and fresh house-made pasta.

You will get a tiramisu that is well worth your time. And it would be best if you tried their Budino-baked custard.

7. The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery

You will find a great lunch menu of fresh produce sourced from the Agrarian farm.

It offers special burrata with kefir cream, smoked paprika, garlic infused with lemon, and fish sauce.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Hybrid Storytellers/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

8. Aloft

Aloft is known for more than just its impeccable architecture and dazzling water views. But denying how appealing this loft-style waterfront restaurant is!

9. Peacock & Jones

Peacock & Jones offers fine wine in their cellar, and they always look for the perfect fine dining changing menu. It is an old warehouse with a waterfront and dedication to preserving Tasmanian flavors. It is one of the best restaurants Hobart has to offer.

Head Chef Julian Volkmer is a minimalistic chef and focuses on the complimentaries.

You will get lamb ribs with black barley, horse radish cream, and nicely smoked leek with caramelized shallots. The dishes are seasonal in Tasmania.

10. Landscape Restaurant & Grill

Landscape Restaurant & Grill offers the best views of the the waterfront. It experts to clever use of its setting and produce.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Alex Teixeira/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Few restaurants can compete with this when it comes to the best restaurants in Hobart that provide an appropriately top-notch environment.

You can try out some exclusive dishes and some of Hobart’s best words made with meat.

11. Osteria Vista

Osteria Vista is a new restaurant near the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). The kitchen offers a four-course meal, all Italian, with fresh produce and local wine.

It is the visitors-choice looking for a culinary adventure, and among the best restaurants, Hobart has to show. And this kitchen should be on the must-try list.

12. Malik Restaurant

The fierce Mediterranean kitchen is considered to be a known restaurant. Fresh seafood is what you get here.

Try their special baby octopus covered with tamarind sauce, salad salsa, and Mandurah couscous. The seafood paella features massive prawns, filled mussels, and fish calamari with diversified Turkish sujuk. And calamari is mixed with cherry tomato and butter.

Best Wine houses in Hobart

Here are some famous cocktails and wine bars in Hobart to add-on to your dining experiences.

1. Dier Makr & Lucinda Wine Room

Every Australian city needs an expert who goes to Dier Mark. You will find fine eateries with a changing menu.

When you enter, the blackboard lists the dishes available. The staff at Dier Mark is efficient and capable of handling.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Jay Wennington/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

If that isn’t enough, have wine with dishes like potatoes with squid. Get it fresh from the bay, freshly shucked oysters.

2. The Glass House

The Glass House stands proudly at the far end Hobart’s waterfront.

The views from the glass house are not the only reason it is listed as one of the best restaurants Hobart has to offer. It serves kingfish carpaccio with anchovy.

3. Preachers

As the name suggests, Preachers, just a short walk from Hobart’s famous Salamanca Market, serves hearty, greasy pub food. This kitchen can produce some of the best burgers, hotdogs, and loaded fries in the state.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Hybrid Storytellers/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The pub throws light on Hobart’s cultural scene, with iconic details representing the city offering craft beers.

4. Sonny

If you want some simple, best food and fine dining in one of Hobart’s best accommodations, go to Sonny. With the staff as fond of dusty old vinyl as they are of a well-curated wine list.

Combining authentic Italian-flavored food helps Hobart wins the championship with fresh produce.

5. Evolve Spirits Bar

Evolve Spirits Bar is a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors who want something diversified from the rest.

The luxury bar highlights the distinct culture of Tasmania when serving premium and freshest food and mesmerizing cocktails.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Louis Hansel/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Try out their oysters with vinegar, some granita, fresh salmon in the form of pancakes with some pickled cucumber and roe, and special pork belly buns with spicy sweet sauces. Get that Tasmanian cheese plate because it has the premium and finest collection.

6. Bar Wa Izakaya

If you’re looking for the best Japanese restaurants in Hobart, Elizabeth Street is the place to go. While the city, and Tasmania in general, do not have nearly as many high-quality Japanese best restaurants in Hin Hobart as Melbourne or Sydney.

If you could go to Bar Wa Izakaya at any time of day, make it early afternoon. The venue is home to ‘Bar Women,’ which serves piping hot, beautiful bowls of warm ramen to aid Hobart’s chilly breeze.

Best cafes in Hobart

Here are some of the best cafes in Hobart to try some of the best finger-licking food.

1. Pigeon Hole Cafe

This is a sort of fresh offering cafe. Pigeon Hole Cafe’s menu frequently changes.

best restaurants Hobart
Photo by Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

2. Born In Brunswick

Ah! You get all the aesthetic feel at this cafe situated on the city’s northwestern outskirts.

3. Room For A Pony

So the name is too weird for new visitors, but it offers Tasmania’s best and fresh woodfired pizza, but that’s exactly what this place offers. Get the best Chinese-styled fried hot chili-omelet, and for lunch, hot & sour coconut sauce and spiced lamb shank.

4. Jackman & McRoss

Jackman & McRoss is a must-stop and tries historic bakery, serving many other things.

It’s worth noting that this location is no longer the only in town. However, it remains the best because of rich history and one view.

5. The Standard Burgers

Only the name is standard, but you will have the best in Australia.

It’s as unconcerned about appearances as the burgers, with all the dining available on a rooftop. There are a few options, but nothing compared to the special namesake burger, with a double beef patty down with cheese, a whole lettuce, onion, mayo, cherry tomato, and some pickles.

6. Local pizza

Local Pizza is near Hobart’s main city center, near Claremont, and is uncomparable, the best and most unique place to grab a fresh, smoked, and hot pizza.

best restaurants hobart
Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The flour’s consistency is wisely done to give every pizza an impossibly fresh and firm texture. It has toppings like lamb kofta, capsicum, onion, cherry tomato, and more.

Farm gate market

Gear up, foodies, if you are not planning to pay a visit to the best restaurants Hobart offers. Then this grainvisitr place to pick any vegetable or fruit or look out for local ingredients.

Farm Gates Market is a focal point representing Hobart’s regional and culinary culture. Try the scallop pies from Salamanca market. Farm Gates Market offers local produce supporting its regional farmers and growers.


Hobart is well-known for its artisanal products, regional cuisine, and creative residents. Visit the Salamanca in Hobart to sample some of Tasmania’s finest products! Wander among the stalls, sample delicious food, and relax in a welcoming atmosphere! Mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, and surfing are all available.

Visit the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. You would undoubtedly enjoy all of the best restaurants Hobart has to offer.

I hope you will love this lavish dining at Hobart!

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