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07 Best Things To Do In Clare Valley!

Clare Valley is situated in South Australia. It falls under the District Council of Clare and Gilbert Valleys. However, the valley lies in the middle of Mid-North and Yorke. Also, it is located amidst the County of Stanley.

The valley is located a hundred kilometers away to the north of Adelaide. This is a river valley, which was forged by the Hutt River. However, the Clare Valley is also associated abruptly with the Hill River.

The valley passes through different towns in the valley and the Horrocks Highway. It follows the following route of towns from North to South:

  • Clare
  • Sevenhill
  • Penwortham
  • Watervale
  • Liasingham
  • Auburn
  • Burra
  • Farrel Flat
  • Blyth
  • Mintaro
  • Stockport
  • Tarlee

This region has become a recognizable wine-growing region in Australia. Furthermore, the valley is forged by the Stony Range of Hills towards the East. Meanwhile, Bungaree Hills and Skilly Hills forged this valley from the West.

1. Clare Valley – Best Things To Do Here!

Clare Valley is packed with wonderful surprises. It lures visitors from all over Australia to visit this exciting place. The Clare Valley has numerous things to see and explore in its region. You should have two-three days for exploring this beautiful valley.

Clare Valley Top 5 Things to Do ~ Discover South Australia

Furthermore, it offers the best wineries to explore with overwhelming natural views and popular wineries. Also, there are many historic museums and impressive galleries to discover. Given below are the best things to do at Clare Valley: –

  • Get the taste of Clare Valley’s Wine
  • Visit an Art Gallery
  • Take a cycle ride at the Riesling Trail
  • Must visit the Martindale Hall
  • Traverse the Lake Bumbunga, also called Pink Lake
  • Wander around the Historical Burra
  • Hike anyone trails out of numerous trails in Clare Valley
  • Explore the Clare Valley during Gourmet Week
  • Grasp the knowledge at Penobscot Farm about Organic Farming
  • Take a look around Sevenhill Cellars
  • Enjoy a scenic long drive
  • Walk to the many lookouts for scenic views at Clare Valley
  • Buzz off in the Mintaro Maze
  • Stroll the Museum at Clare Valley
  • Celebrate Farm Life at the Bungaree Station

2. Clare Valley – History

The Clare Valley has a long history of formation. It is also popular for its natural location and climatic effects. There is a lot of history to Clare Valley. Primarily, the history is composed of three parts. It includes the Pre-European settlement, European settlement, and the modern settlement at Clare Valley. Let’s go through the details of its history in three distinct phases.

South Australia: For those who want a little more | Clare Valley

2.1. Pre-European Colony

The Ngadjuri people were the former inhabitants of the Clare Valley. It’s believed that these people had majestic camping sites at Auburn and Clare. Also, they had these sites outside the valley area too.

2.2. European Colony

John Hill was the first European, who explored the Clare Valley. He explored the valley around April 1839. At that time, he visited the Hutt River and also named it. The Hill River is the nearby twin of the Hutt River. Later, the Hill River was named after John Hill to honor him. When he returned to Adelaide, he reported his findings about farmlands to Edward John Eyre. Edward John Eyre was his associate and a close friend.

John Eyre informed this event to John Horrocks. In March 1839, he was settled in South Australia. During Eyre’s return from his second journey in 1839, he traversed the Clare Valley. His second journey was to the South Australian northern regions.

John Horrocks also went to the valley with his junior associate John Green. He settled himself in an area, which is now called Penwortham. Furthermore, this settlement became the 1st permanent settlement of the Clare Valley.

clare valley
Image by clarevalley.com.au

2.3. Modern Times

In the Ash, Wednesday Bushfires, the Clare Valley was affected majorly. This fire occurred on February 16, 1983. However, no deaths were reported in that region. More than an area of 6,100 hectares was burnt in this bushfire.

Also, the railway line that is situated amid Penwortham and Clare Showgrounds, was highly damaged. Further, it leads to the permanent destruction of these railway lines.

So, the past railway track was converted into a walking and bicycle-riding track. This track is now called the Riesling Trail. It’s a 35 kilometers long and sealed trail. It links many villages in the valley.

3. Attractions To Enjoy At Clare Valley

There are many unique and impressive attractions at the Clare Valley to watch and explore. Given below are several best attractions to know about. Let’s follow the given details below to know more about these phenomenal attractions.

3.1. Inchiquin Lake

clare valley
Image by Joerg Hartmann at pixels

Inchiquin Lake is the primary water storage resource. It is a beautiful location to create a memory with your beloved family and friends. It’s an amazing location for a picnic with many walking trails and an open space area. Also, the activities here include fishing, trees, play equipment, and extensive lawns.

3.2. Cycling Trails

Cycling Trails are among the most enjoyable things to do here. The Clare Valley features lush rolling hillsides, slow cycling, and arty-crafty villages. It’s like a dream picturesque site to visit for visitors. Discovering and exploring these beautiful sites in an overwhelming climate is such an admirable activity.

clare valley
Image by clarevalley.com.au

Go through the Rattler and Riesling Trails to find the best sites of the Clare Valley on the cycling trail. These trails stretch from Riverton to Auburn. Afterward, move on toward the attractive Gilbert Valley.

If you want a bit of adventure on cycling trails, go to Kapunda, located on the Mawson Trails. Later, make your riding way more exciting towards Flinders Ranges. Moreover, it will be a long adventurous, and memorable journey for you.

3.3. Old Police Station Museum

The Old Police Station Museums date back to the 1850s. It was the 1st courthouse and police station in the Clare Valley. Now, the park is recorded as South Australia’s National Trust park. Furthermore, the museum now has become a reminder of the past at Clare Valley. Though, now it shelters a wide collection of clothing and furniture.

The Old Clare Police Station c1851, South Australia

These furniture and clothes date back to the time of the Victorian Era. You will also find memorabilia and photographs of the past Clare Valley. There is an historic house, known as Wolta Wolta. It is located right opposite to Old Police Station Museum. However, this historic house was affected by the Ash Wednesday Fires of 1983. Meanwhile, now the house is redeveloped for showcasing arts and featuring antiques.

3.4. Wine Tours in Clare Valley

Wine Tours is an elegant and perfect combination of rich heritages of villages and beautiful picturesque scenery. Also, its ideal mild weather is a perfect fit for the beauty of Clare Valley. Moreover, it’s also among the best Wine areas with the perfect cool climate. It was established in 1851, and since then, it is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay copyright 2017

You can take an overwhelming wine tour to explore the elegance and blossoming vines here. Further, it is a stretch of 40 kilometers between Clare and Auburn. Also, it has more than 40 cellar doors to explore the vinery. You can get the best special vine of Clare Valley.

3.5. Seven Hills Cellar

The Seven Hills Cellar is situated nearby the vineyard, which is close to the St Aloysius Church. It facilitates a beautiful picturesque grassed region for enjoying a picnic. Meanwhile, you don’t need to set up your picnic area.

Clare Valley
Photo by Rodrigo Abreu on Unsplash

As Sevenhill Cellar has already a complete set-up arranged for a picnic with seats and tables underneath the shady trees. Visitors enjoy exploring the old crypt, cellars, and church here along with the ancient history of the region.

3.6. Bundaleer Forest, Clare Valley

The Bundaleer Forest is better known as the 1st plantation forest in Australia. It is a journey of 10 kilometers from Jamestown. It provides a beautiful gateway towards the deciduous forest playground into nature’s beauty. Popular walking tracks here are known as Mawson Trails and Heysen Trails.

Famous national park in melbourne

Along the forest, you can find the best-suited picnic area for yourself here. Also, there is a wide variety of native and exotic species in the forest that will be worth your journey in the Bundaleer Forest.

3.7. Red Banks Conservation Park, Clare Valley

The Red Banks Conservation Park is mainly known among the richest Australian fauna sites. However, the park features an extensive landscape of rocky red earth gorges.

Hat Head National Park

Its landscape also includes the remains of fossilized fauna along with spring-fed waterholes. About fifteen kilometers to the east of Burra, it facilitates bushwalking, camping sites, and picnic areas.

All together makes an exciting environment for wandering around and enjoying the vacations. By following the Change Walk, you can admire 2 deep cut creek lines within the park. You may encounter kangaroos, wombats, and echidnas on your way.


Clare Valley is in Adelaide’s northern side. It is stretched from Clare’s town to the North and Tarlee’s town towards the South. There are many valleys and trails in the Clare Valley. You can visit any valley that you like. Also, there are many towns in the Clare Valley to visit.

Enjoy the pink wines at the vinery. Moreover, the Clare Valley tours are the most authentic experience. Furthermore, it also facilitates a public transport area. So, you can get your transport to stroll in the valley. Having your bike or car is an absolute advantage here.


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